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Please help me find a stylish present for my TA - all ideas welcome

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Pinkflipflop Wed 15-Jun-11 07:17:32

I would normally do jewellery but she only seems to wear expensive/subtle gold jewellery as she used to manage a jewellery shop before she trained to be a TA.

My budget is around £40

She is 37
doesn't like fussy or girly types things
Hates massage/beauty treatments

Any ideas please? I am really struggling with this - she has been amazing this year and I would like a nice gift for her!!

TattyDevine Wed 15-Jun-11 07:42:35

What about a really nice Cowshed or Jo Malone scented candle? Its a bit girly but not in a fussy frilly way, and most people appreciate nice fragrance, but its not so personal as she won't be "wearing" it...

Grockle Wed 15-Jun-11 07:46:32

Good thread. I need to get 3 TAs a gift so budget of around £10 each and I'm stuck.

Does she like gardening/ cooking?

JennaTailor Wed 15-Jun-11 07:50:48

It is so difficult with out knowing her !! I'm 37 and sound similar so I will list what I would like:

A bag
photo frame
In JL they do single wine glasses (decorated) ....someone brought me one and i feel very special every time i use it.
A belt
A dress watch
I love tea ....someone brought me a gigantic mug which i love
A book

Probably not much help lol

JennaTailor Wed 15-Jun-11 07:53:38

this glass

NewChoos Wed 15-Jun-11 10:42:01

I have got the 'love' wine glass and it's lovely (was a gift too).

polyhymnia Wed 15-Jun-11 11:35:45

Wouldn't buy anything scented, as perfume etc is such a very personal choice - or, if I did, handcream or candle in something very 'safe' such as lavender.
What about a good poetry anthology - eg, a Poem a Day.

Em59 Wed 15-Jun-11 12:02:51

Hi Pinkflipflop and everyone else in the thread

I have to recommend a site called Knot Only.

It's all scarves and they start at about £20, so within your budget, but when you see the scarves in the flesh, they look a lot more pricey!

I discovered the site when the lady who runs it had a stall at a school fair recently, and fell in love with most of her stock!

I'd think your TA might like something plainish from the sounds of her description, maybe this one?

I was a teacher and know that I'd have loved to receive that.

Hope that helps!

animula Wed 15-Jun-11 12:36:40

I've done ren bath oil in the past.

And this ticks "no" on so many boxes (fragrance, bit close to "twigs and pebbly shit), and yet ... it really does smell of hyacinth and is delicious twigs, etc. - I know I've linked to some weird place on-line, but it's sold in John Lewis.

animula Wed 15-Jun-11 12:55:09

Something from Alessi? Eg. a key-ring. Though they may be deemed a bit 80s now.

And (recommendation courtesy of another mn-er) what about one of the Rob Ryan designed things from John Lewis? (google Rob Ryan).

winefairy Wed 15-Jun-11 13:11:11

I would become a teacher if I was in any way likely to be given Ren bath oil at the end of term. Sigh!

petitdonkey Wed 15-Jun-11 13:14:39

I have bought Boden scarves twice now and seen both teachers wearing them a lot. Choose something fairly neutral and it will be used.

Annem1 Wed 15-Jun-11 16:55:49

How about an orchid?

Grockle Wed 15-Jun-11 17:30:20

Some lovely ideas. I don't think any help me - I need something for a 19 year old TA and something for 2 who are older my age & parents. None are scarf wearers which is a shame. I'd love a scarf.

animula Wed 15-Jun-11 17:40:43

Grockle - What? You are going to spurn the Cath Kidston end-term-present cup/mug? (for the two your age.)



19 - i-tunes vouchers? And SpaceNK does posh lip-glosses/balms in little tins.

Any of that set a chain of thought in process?

Gillybobs Wed 15-Jun-11 17:52:24

Ive just bought a few of Cath Kidston's "Mug in a tin", here Really lovely china mug and the tin is so pretty

polyhymnia Wed 15-Jun-11 17:52:56

Baume de Rose By By Terry is a lip balm I think anyone would like

Gillybobs Wed 15-Jun-11 17:53:49

Clearly I should have read the previous post more carefully : /

polyhymnia Wed 15-Jun-11 17:56:54

Ditto Jurlique rose or lavender hand cream in Space NK . Or aromatherapy associates set of mini bath oils .

dedee Wed 15-Jun-11 18:00:56


Ah thats really generous of you. Matches have some nice gifts in their accessories range - Scarfs, make up bags , Kindle Holder (if she has one)


animula Wed 15-Jun-11 18:17:25

Gillybobs - no, I think you read it just right! I walk into the local CK and think "I bloody own you!" - I've bought CK mugs for ... many people, not just teachers. And I have a lovely mug myself - and it is most definitely my mug. And I would have two - but one of the cats killed one of them. sad

Gillybobs Wed 15-Jun-11 18:33:56

Thanks animula, I was bloody chuffed with them when they arrived then read your post and thought maybe they were "old hat". Anyways, happy now : )

animula Wed 15-Jun-11 18:43:03

Gillybob - CK is ubiquitous, but that is because it's v. much mother-catnip. I notice mn has a love-hate thing going with the Floral One. I tend to see that as us sending ourselves up. smile and <shrug> And your mug looks lovely.

And back to the thread ...

Here's a slightly off-beat suggestion:

Do any of them drink coffee? What about some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee? I know I only ever by that once in about a million years - but for a coffee lover, it might be much loved.

animula Wed 15-Jun-11 18:44:27

... my attempt at a merged emoticon signalling wry self-knowledge was a massive fail there.

PlumSykes Wed 15-Jun-11 18:48:39

magazine subscription?

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