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savvy shoppers - wedding anniversary gift idea

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ChocolateHelps Tue 14-Jun-11 13:54:40

Now, I know this is technically probably in the wrong place on the forum, but I figure you are all way more savvy shoppers than I'll ever be and I'm in desperate need of some help

9th wedding anniversary gift for DH - themes are pottery or willow

he is flippin brilliant at gift getting and has said he's already got my gift, bought it ages ago and it's amazing. so, no pressure there then

he previously bought me
6th iron - cute handmade iron keyring which i use everyday
7th copper - stunning garden wind chime in copper that is cut metal that arrives flat but folds out into a sphere
8th bronze - antique bracelet in bronze from the Roman era 2000 YEARS OLD!!!

I'm rubbish, mostly i forget or last year i got him some cheese knives..he likes cheese. at this rate i'll get him a willow basket from Ikea and fill it with choc &/or wine

does anyone have any amazing ideas in the region of £30 / £40?

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