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Eye cream with SPF??

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Tigerinmysoup Mon 13-Jun-11 22:09:04

I am looking for an everyday eye cream that contains an SPF - not a suncream, just a light cream that also does the usual anti-bags/puffy etc. I cannot find one anywhere, and when I have asked at the beauty counters they look at me like I'm mad. An Estee Lauder lady said 'Why would you want that?' Erm, surely the first part of anti-aging is using an SPF in the first place, rather than relying on 'magical' creams that will reverse the damage later...?
Seems bizarre that I can get a good facial moisturiser that contains an SPF but I then leave out my eye area.
I just found a new freckle just under my eye (horror of horrors). I don't like using my normal SPF moisturiser under my eyes as it makes it puffy.
Seems I have found an empty niche in the market - someone feel free to fill it.

1gglePiggle Mon 13-Jun-11 22:16:35

Agree with you completely, I've had the same trouble looking but have found two. Boots time delay eye cream with spf15 and also superdrug do a vitamin e eye cream with spf15. I prefer the boots one as seems to absorb better. I usually stock up when they have those £5 off skincare vouchers.

Tigerinmysoup Mon 13-Jun-11 22:18:44

Brilliant - I'll give them a go. Thanks!

1gglePiggle Mon 13-Jun-11 22:20:37

The best one I ever got was clinique derma White eye cream with SPF 15. I bought it in hong kong but not available here. May be on eBay (will have to have a look now!).

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