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Shapewear - what do I need?

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TracyK Mon 13-Jun-11 17:45:38

I have a maxi dress - bias cut and quite fitted. It could do with being an inch longer - which I have worked out can be acheived if I lose an inch around the arse!

Thinking of a onesie - but - what are the straps like on them - in the pics they look quite thick - thicker than a bra strap iykwim. My dress has just thin straps (although if it doesn't warm up by the weekend - I will have a fur shrug on)

Should I just go for a high waisted shorts type thingy instead?

pinksky Mon 13-Jun-11 20:50:51

I have this from debenhams and it's great - wore it to a black tie event with a long very fitted dress and it was comfortable/didn't ride up - I decided to do this rather than high waisted shorts which tend to roll down on me and I find myself having to hoik them up frequently. Straps are about 1.5cm wide, so not far off normal bra, but you can wear it strapless.
Was hell trying it on in the fitting room though!

TracyK Mon 13-Jun-11 21:14:08

What size did you go for? And how does it equate to your dress size normally?

pinksky Mon 13-Jun-11 21:18:14

They are done bra size, so I went one back size up as I am a pear shape - I would usually go a cup size down if going a back size up on something but didn't with this and it fits very well. You can also buy shaping slips without the bra top (but still straps)

TracyK Wed 15-Jun-11 16:22:32

I ended up with a very similar Flexees one Pinksky. I needed it for Sat. so I ordered off ASOS - I didn't want to take the chance Debenhams/JL/M&S etc wouldn't deliver in time.

It was the waist defining slip - takes me down from a top end 16 to bottom end 14 - fab - but boy does it take a bit of careful putting on - so's not to rip.

I found the onesie wasn't long enough in the torso for me and so the straps dug in to mu shoulders too much.

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