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what do you think to this dress?

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carriedababi Sun 12-Jun-11 21:15:39


FebreezeYourJeans Sun 12-Jun-11 21:34:18

Not loving it, bit gaudy.

mummyosaurus Sun 12-Jun-11 21:37:09

I love it, if I was 20 years younger and half my size!

If you can carry it off. I'd say go for it.

jalopy Sun 12-Jun-11 22:02:11

The model doesn't look comfortable wearing it.

pushmepullyou Sun 12-Jun-11 22:08:31

If you're young and slim with fab (and small) boobs it will look great. Would have loved it 10 years ago <sighs nostaligically>

CliffTumble Sun 12-Jun-11 22:11:56

Nice on a sunny holiday

MissBeehiving Sun 12-Jun-11 22:12:07


FoundWanting Sun 12-Jun-11 22:13:53

I don't usually get the 'if you're young' thing <<mutton emoticon>> but it does look like a young girl's dress. Is it the print? Or the colours? hmm

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