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Help: Need a summer day dress - to buy this week!

(11 Posts)
lifeohlife Sun 12-Jun-11 17:55:18

needs to be :

abive the knee
Suitable for a city break during the day
NOT sleeveless - I have baggy upper arems
Am 53, size 10, need a defined waist cut style as I have no hips
ny ideas?

ColonelBrandonsBiggestGroupie Sun 12-Jun-11 17:56:20

I'd get one from Joules and then a little cheapo cropped cotton cardie from M&S to wear over it.

lifeohlife Sun 12-Jun-11 18:01:34

I looked at Joules in store (admittedly a small collection) and they didnt hve much - will check online

miniwedge Sun 12-Jun-11 18:08:38

this in White or navy with tan wedges?

miniwedge Sun 12-Jun-11 18:09:34

There are lots on there if you look through the website.

lifeohlife Sun 12-Jun-11 19:19:37

thanks miniwedge..some of these are good but I wass thinking of something short, sassy, funky, 'out there', possibly abstract as opposed to floral design,

miniwedge Sun 12-Jun-11 19:51:39

better? loads on asos!

Clure Sun 12-Jun-11 20:08:28

love this at mint velvet
this too but it may be a bit floral
jersey wrap

lifeohlife Mon 13-Jun-11 06:59:22

miniwedge - it's perhaps a little formal..more for office than hanging around trendy bars...will check on asos tho, thanks

Clure -Love the Mia dress...will definitely hv a think about that. Thanx.

Gillybobs Mon 13-Jun-11 09:16:51

Ive just bought this and it is fabulous, fabric is gorgeous, belt gives it great shape, so so pleased. Looks brill with some killer heels but also lovely with flat sandals. Think I will be able to wear with tights and cardi in colder weather too which is a bonus.

MooM00 Mon 13-Jun-11 10:06:17

I ordered this but it hasn't arrived yet.

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