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Hardest wedding guest outfit challenge EVER- my eternal gratitude and unctuous sycophancy will follow you always if you can help...

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BitOfFun Sat 11-Jun-11 20:29:07

I have very hermit-like tendencies at the moment after months and months of a really nasty attack of psoriasis. I have cried off meet-ups, family christenings and even Sunday lunches out because I cannot bear to be out in public or anywhere near a camera. It is basically neck-to-ankle, and I've got a bit fat from staying in too much and drowning my sorrows about it.

I have a wedding to attend at the end of the month that I simply CANNOT get out of, and nothing to wear, and not much money.

SO- Can you help me find something cool and smart for a short plumpy (size 14ish) who can't show any skin except possibly a blob of head at the very top?

I realise that this thread is unlikely to attract the most ardent fashionistas after I have made myself sound so repulsive, but I would welcome any ideas at all from anyone smile

AndOnAndOnAndOn Sat 11-Jun-11 20:35:05

How about this: um, with some tights and maybe a scarf if neckline showing too much skin??

TattyDevine Sat 11-Jun-11 20:37:47

You could covert to Islam?

Hold on, I'll have a browse around and try and come up with something a little more helpful!

TattyDevine Sat 11-Jun-11 20:38:06

<<am fellow suffer of psoriasis so do sympathise>>

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 11-Jun-11 20:38:55

Bof - are you thinking maxi dress or trouser suit perhaps and what is realistic budget? And is your psoriasis being treated as sounds awful for you

And I happen to know you're gorgeous so we'll find something

Amaretti Sat 11-Jun-11 20:40:46

That dress would be lovely with opaque cotton tights

TracyK Sat 11-Jun-11 20:43:46

How bad is your skin - could you do a patterned chiffon?? Have you had light treatment yet? My skin is dreadful in winter but get a course of UVB in March and sees me through till the autumn.

TattyDevine Sat 11-Jun-11 20:44:04

I'm thinking really a jacket trousers type combo would work best - are you adverse to that? Otherwise its a long dress and cardi, really, and I think trousers and jacket is smarter and there are more options for maximising your ability to look taller and streamlined in that kind of combo whereas a long dress could swamp you. No other way of covering legs apart from tights - not "cool" in terms of temperature - and possibly wrong too if black is the only colour that will conceal the purple shadows that the psoriasis leaves...

So just confirm you will do a trouser jacket combo and I'll see if I can find some links?

And if not, what kind of thing would you accept? Long skirt instead of maxi? Or okay with a maxi?

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 11-Jun-11 20:45:58

something like this?

BitOfFun Sat 11-Jun-11 20:46:23

Thanks for the help and sympathy- I am a bit premenstrual, so have been veering between ranty rage and hysterical silliness on here all weekend grin, and now I am a bit snivelly because you are all being so kind blush

Budget basically is under fifty quid if possible, but you know, whatever you can find really.

(I am between treatments at the moment, waiting for last ditch attempt at heavier drugs, so it's gone a bit rampant)

TracyK Sat 11-Jun-11 20:47:18

Or a halterneck top - with a long sleeved cardi over the top with wide floaty or linen trousers? So you give the impression of being summery - but still covering most up?

BitOfFun Sat 11-Jun-11 20:48:41

I'm not really a suit person, but if you could show me one, I might be converted? I am thinking a dress or skirt would be more likely to get re-used though.

BitOfFun Sat 11-Jun-11 20:49:08

Like that idea too, Tracy.

TracyK Sat 11-Jun-11 20:49:36

Have you got anything in your wardrobe currently you could add to? ie some trousers that you could glam up? get a glittery cardi? Just to keep the cost down?

TracyK Sat 11-Jun-11 20:50:47 I liked this - but may be a bugger of a colour to match - unless you went white troos and white cardi?

BitOfFun Sat 11-Jun-11 20:51:13

MrsCampbellBlack- I love that dress! I would wear that anyway even if I wasn't made of hideous scabs grin

Getting a bit more hopeful at these ideas now, thanks!

NormanTheForeman Sat 11-Jun-11 20:51:50

My sister wore a kind of long-sleeved tunic and trousers combo for my wedding (was silk, so quite nice). Don't know where she bought it though, and that was 14 years ago.....

NormanTheForeman Sat 11-Jun-11 20:53:42

Sorry to hear about the psoriasis btw, I had it a year or so ago, mostly on my legs/ankles and know how awful its is, but yours sounds worse. sad Fortunately steroid cream has mostly sorted mine out, but it's just so itchy, not to mention awful looking.

TattyDevine Sat 11-Jun-11 20:56:37

Smart blazer

cheap & cheerful palazzo trouser

Wear with whatever top works underneath - just a simple jersey crewneck

Wedding it up a bit with heels and a pin-on flower corsagey thing on the jacket...

MumblingRagDoll Sat 11-Jun-11 20:57:39

Oh BOF. Have you tried Manuka honey? Not to wear obviosly....but on your sis has psoriosis and the stuff is amazing.

TattyDevine Sat 11-Jun-11 21:00:40

White bootcut trouser

light breezy colourful long sleeved tunic

BitOfFun Sat 11-Jun-11 21:08:46

I like the cheap palazzo pants too- they could work with a nice top. I will be honest and say that a white trouser suit and me would never get along...but these ideas are fab, and I will order the floral maxi dress tonight and probably the trousers, maybe a couple of other bits, so I can try on at home.

You are all marvellous grin

MrsCampbellBlack Sat 11-Jun-11 21:11:56

Yeay! Sales starting soon and h&m have lots of floaty stuff in and some quite nice little jersey cardigans that could be worn on top of long floaty dress/maxi skirt.

And that dress could be 'dressed down' for everyday with little denim jacket on top.

BitOfFun Sat 11-Jun-11 21:20:42

Good point. I'm going to Budapest in August, and I could wear it on holiday.

MadameCastafiore Sat 11-Jun-11 21:26:28

They have really nice gladiators and others sandals which would go with those from £10 on the office website in theri sale!

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