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Joules code? Maybe even with free delivery?

(5 Posts)
stillfrazzled Sat 11-Jun-11 11:44:23

There's a dress I like but can't quite afford...

tulpe Sat 11-Jun-11 16:46:16

Ocado20 gives you 20% off.

Not sur eabout the P&P.

popcal Sat 11-Jun-11 18:40:39

I have heard that the sale may be starting next week?

stillfrazzled Sun 12-Jun-11 10:27:47

Can't get the Ocado code to work (thanks anyway though). V interesting about the sale, now not sure whether to wait, or grab the dress before it sells out!

CristinaTheAstonishing Sun 12-Jun-11 13:39:08

Try SUMMER21 for 21% off and free P&P. I haven't used it. Which dress are you after? They all seem that little bit too short.

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