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Normally I wear my hair pulled back but I want it to look like this

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Fernier Sat 11-Jun-11 08:20:12

I tried what it says on there and it was a disaster I looked like I had been in a brawl - I have no clue about this sort of thing help!

tulpe Sat 11-Jun-11 08:28:29

You get waves like that using a Babyliss curling wand. Use on dry hair. Divide hair in to large sections. Wrap hair around barrel but only half way along each section. Hold for several seconds and let the hair fall away from the barrel and let it sit in the ringlet you've created. Repeat on all sections. Once your hair has entirely cooled down comb through with your fingers for tousled waves. If you want a 40s inspired "screen siren" look, brush through gently with a paddle brush. Give a light spritz of Elnett to hold the look.

tulpe Sat 11-Jun-11 08:32:45

Products I use are: Kerastase Volume Active spray on the roots and rough blowdry your hair before curling to give lift at the roots. I also use Kerastase Elixir Ultime which is a nourishing hair oil. You use it either as a pre-shampoo treatment, before blow drying or even afterwards if you find the ends of your hair are too dry. Both expensive but a little goes a long way and they are worth the money, IMO.

mumatron Sat 11-Jun-11 08:40:44

have a look on youtube for the sock bun curling method.

Very easy to do and always looks fab.

Can't link from my phone sorry.

CountBapula Sat 11-Jun-11 08:50:09

Mine looks a bit like that when I curl it with GHDs. If I used the method described, it'd look like seaweed grin

Fernier Sat 11-Jun-11 09:15:13

Ooo I'm gogin to have a look for a video I don't have a curling thing but I do have straighteners! I'm going to try again tonight! Thanks!
I saw a woman with the same colour hair as me with her hair like this (I have red hair) and I thought it looked gorgeous which inspired me to try.
I'm hoping to stop wearing ponytails everyday smile.


ameliameerkat Sun 12-Jun-11 11:53:49

I have wavy hair. I roughly towel dry it, stick some mousse on, then spend the start of the train journey to work twirling sections around my fingers. By the time I get to work I have nice controlled curly hair! If I leave it my own devices it just looks a mess.

LooloosMummy Sun 12-Jun-11 12:02:57

i either do method described but scrunch it in my hands with gel/ avon curl defining gel it helps if you have curly hair to begin with though, or for a more manicured look i used straighteners straighten about 2 inches from root turn straightener 45 degrees on its self with hair still clamped in and pull slowly for a tight curl or quicker for a more wavy look. HTH

kyacat Sun 12-Jun-11 12:13:56

This girl does brilliant heat-free wave and curling methods on youtube:

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