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Dermalogica devotees, please...

(12 Posts)
wendihouse22 Fri 10-Jun-11 20:16:28

I'm reaching the end of my current skincare stuff and will shortly be splashing out on cleanser/scrub/serum/moisturiser with high SPF. People rave about Dermalogica as a brand and being 50 next year I like the sound of their Anti-age range. Especially the Resurfacing Cleanser or Glyco (?) cleanser? Have some fine lines now and a few gentle pigmentation spots but mostly, just look TIRED (sad)

Any recommendations? And, is it Ok to purchase via Internet/Amazon?


hiddenhome Fri 10-Jun-11 20:58:34

I use Dermalogica and their stuff is very good, but I do find some of it a bit irritating sometimes.

I can also recommend the Rose Argan Oil Cream from Wildwood Groves if you're looking for a lovely moisturiser.

HuntForGalaxyHazelnut Fri 10-Jun-11 20:58:49

Hello wendihouse22

I haven't used the anti ageing range, but I have been using Dermalogica oily skin range for a couple of months, and it really is amazing stuff, the difference in my skin is unbelievable.

I would recommend that you try the small travel pack first, which has sample sizes of the cleansers etc, I think Amazon have these for about £20ish, to make sure that it is right for your skin type. If you're happy with that then invest in the full sized versions (to avoid wasting £££ if it doesn't suit your skin). Another good website for Dermalogica is called 'Jersey Beauty', really competitively priced and everything gets delivered within 24 hours.

Good luck! smile

chipstick10 Sat 11-Jun-11 13:27:33

I use dermalogica and have on and off for years. I agree with wendihouse re trying a travel pack first. Or go into a salon that uses derm products and ask for some samples.

TracyK Sat 11-Jun-11 13:56:18

I loved their age reversal eye complex and also the Pure Light spf30 - but not so much the dynamic skin recovery spf30. But my beautician only orders the Pure Light in specially for selling - not stocked iykwim. She says the active ingredients should be at their freshest - so check carefully on some of the products that cheapest might not be best (ie Amazon etc). Although she could just be saying that to cover her meanness in stocking the more expensive range!!

wendihouse22 Sat 11-Jun-11 17:11:36

Thanks smile

Not many places stock it so probably the best thing is to go with the trial pack. Went on their official website and it recommended the Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 but will read up the Pure Light too. Why didn't you get on with the DSR TracyK?

nicole333 Sat 11-Jun-11 18:17:16

I highly recommend that you go to a professional and have a Dermalogica facial and they will carry out 'skin mapping' for you. They will prescribe which products your skin is suited to/will benefit from. You are not oblidged to buy from them atall. I get mine from Beauty flash and another website.

It's expensive, but reassuring to know you are buying what an expert has actually told you you need.

kisschase Sat 11-Jun-11 18:50:15

Look Fantastic

When you've decided what products you want, try here - all genuine products and at a discounted price.

KeepErLit Sat 11-Jun-11 18:59:30 is also very good for Dermologica products. Very reliable service and generally a little cheaper then other wesites too.

I have desperately sensitive and reactive skin and Dermalogica has been a godsend for me.

TattyDevine Sat 11-Jun-11 19:00:47

Look Fantastic is a great website. Also, Jersey Beauty Company is a bit cheaper and free delivery I think and gives samples.

Beauty Flash used to be a good website for Dermologica but their prices went up, you have to pay for delivery, they bombard you with emails, and you tick boxes of what samples you want and they send something completely different, usually the stupid stress relief oil hmm so I stopped using them.

Personally rather than spend £££ on the Age Smart skin resurfacing cleanser, I just use the Essential Cleansing solution, which can be used as a hot cloth cleanser with a flannel and is excellent at removing all your makeup and stuff, (whereas the glycolic one isn't) and then I use the "skin renewal booster" which is the same kind of thing except you are leaving it on the skin instead of rinsing it off like the expensive age smart cleanser. So whilst i do have one of those in my shower and use it occasionally in the morning, I probably won't buy it again, I'd rather get my glycolics from a product I leave on.

Another great Dermologica fruit acid product is the Daily Resurfacer thingies - they are these little finger mitts that come individually wrapped. You put one over your finger, and scrub it round your face. They work twofold - the scrubby action exfoliates, but it leaves a lovely fruit acidy stuff on your face so if you use one at night you wake up baby soft and glowy in the morning. THey are not el-cheapo and I don't use them every day by any stretch but they are great to have in to use the night before a special need to look good day or when you are feeling crusty and flaky. I had to hide them because my husband kept using them and I'd go to have one and there'd be none left.

You can use Dermologica quite cheaply if you have the Essential cleansing solution (I buy the big pump pack, lasts ages even with Mr Devine using it) and the Skin smoothing cream as you basic set, and just supplement this basic regime with perhaps the resurfacing booster and an exfoliant, and an eye cream if you want to splash out. The eye creams last absolutely ages.

TracyK Sat 11-Jun-11 20:31:36

Hi Wendi - I didn't 'not' get on with DSR - it just didn't 'wow' me! iykwim!

the Pure Light however - gave me a lovely bright looking skin when I had it on.

I haven't needed spf 30 this year yet - we have had 2 hot days since 1st April!!!!!

wendihouse22 Sun 12-Jun-11 16:38:40

TracyK....ain't that the truth.

Drought in the south east? Been into Chester today to take my ageing mum out for lunch and got absolutely drenched!!

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