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Help me find t-shirts/tops that aren't fringed/cropped/got Disney pictures on the front...

(13 Posts)
HavingAnOffDAy Fri 10-Jun-11 14:10:16


I have lots of strappy type tops & vests in my wardrobe but I'd dearly love some t-shirt type tops just to throw on with jeans or (whispers) linen trews.

I had a good browse on the high street last weekend but really struggled to find anything.

I'm 33, 5'4'' & size 14 with a post baby tummy & 34GG norks so the gimmicky styles in the 'young' shops look rubbish on me & the ones in Fat Face, White Stuff etc just make me look old.

Please help, I go on hols in a week & can't face strappy numbers until my arms have a tan!!

seb1 Fri 10-Jun-11 15:41:02

Plain & more plain

mippy Fri 10-Jun-11 15:53:01

Uniqlo is your friend.

Bumbellina Fri 10-Jun-11 15:59:32

fake tan!

EustaciaVye Fri 10-Jun-11 16:02:33

What is the quality like for uniqlo? And are they true-to-size?

HavingAnOffDAy Fri 10-Jun-11 17:16:45

Thanks mippy

I HATE the fabric that the plain M&S ones come in seb1 - too thick for me.

newgirl Fri 10-Jun-11 17:32:02

Gap got sale on

Zara lovely things all prices def not old

FriedaLivery Fri 10-Jun-11 17:34:03


dexter73 Fri 10-Jun-11 17:38:49

Uniqlo is very good quality. My dh gets lots of clothes there and they all wash/wear well.

southeastastra Fri 10-Jun-11 17:55:06

h and m had some really nice long v necks

HavingAnOffDAy Fri 10-Jun-11 18:59:50

I got one in Zara at the weekend but now I can't find it confused

Most of the t-shirts in there have a high, round neck & being short in the body with big boobs they look terrible on me.

Maybe I'm just V picky!

HavingAnOffDAy Fri 10-Jun-11 19:00:18

I'll have a good look at Uniqlo later

Ixia Fri 10-Jun-11 21:26:24

I find those M&S plain T's shrink horribly. I'm 5'10" and can't afford to lose any length from my tops.

I was full of hope for Uniqlo, but they don't bloody deliver to the Isle of Man. Neither does Gap.

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