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I need help!

(4 Posts)
DeepPurple Thu 09-Jun-11 22:17:50

Since having DD 19 months ago I have struggled to lose the copious amounts of baby weight. My wardrobe is empty apart from a few t-shirts and jeans. All my lovely pre-pregnancy clothes are in the loft.

DH and I are going to Las Vegas next month and I have no chance of losing 4 stone by then so I need some shape and temperature appropriate clothes. It's going to be around 40 degrees!

What on earth can I get that won't make people need to bleach their eyes?

I'm 14 stone and 5'4". I have a 38E bust. Size 16/18.

Any suggestions?

DeepPurple Thu 09-Jun-11 22:41:40


SpeedyGonzalez Thu 09-Jun-11 22:46:48

Have you looked at the Bravissimo website? They have lovely dresses which flatter women with big busts. Reasonably priced, too.

I'd definitely go for a flattering dress if I were you.

And so sorry to hear that you're feeling so crap about the way you look. That really sucks.

Selks Thu 09-Jun-11 23:26:22

I'd go for comfy but nice pure tops in thin cotton fabric - great in the heat and non-clingy such as
or this
teamed with white or off white capris or linen trousers (linen mix perhaps for crease resistance) for day wear.

Dresses maybe something drapey and forgiving such as This

Some flat white strappy sandals and simple silver jewellery will set it off well.

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