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Can anyone recommend a nice nude nail varnish?

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bettyboo83 Thu 09-Jun-11 22:07:07

I'm not meant to wear nail varnish at work but would like a nude varnish to make my nails look a bit nicer without being obviously painted. Ones I've bought have either been too white or a bit shimmery. Recommendations please ladies smile

cybbo Thu 09-Jun-11 22:08:17

get a colour usually used in a french manicure and apply without the naffo white tips

QuinnFabray Thu 09-Jun-11 22:10:40

Top Shop do a really nice subtle transluscent pale pink called Kiss and Tell. I love it. Am applying it right now ( types carefully so as not to smudge . . .)

smartyparts Thu 09-Jun-11 22:49:49

I like 'Like Linen' by Essie. Have a basketful of nude colours, but this is one of the best.

monkeysmama Thu 09-Jun-11 23:16:11

I like Like Linen too. Jessica also do a less pinky nude which looks great on and can be built up for a more noticeable look

Alibabaandthe80nappies Thu 09-Jun-11 23:18:02

I use Chanel 'Ballerina'. Very pale and neat.

katy1katy Fri 10-Jun-11 07:16:48

Message deleted

Chocchip88 Fri 10-Jun-11 08:40:43

OPI bubblebath is a lovely pale pinky see through nude

wendihouse22 Fri 10-Jun-11 10:20:04

Recommend a "play" at the Dior counter. It's tough stuff too....lasts and lasts.

baguettecut Fri 10-Jun-11 10:23:08

I'm not supposed to wear nail varnish either, it's so obvious if you do though...I buff my nails and they're so shiny it looks like I'm wearing clear polish anyway.

Slainte Fri 10-Jun-11 15:09:08

I love the Jessica polish called Beautiful, very natural.

gastrognome Fri 10-Jun-11 16:12:50

Another vote for Chanel "Ballerina". It makes nails look gorgeous. Shiny, subtle colour. Worth every penny!

Cutiecat Sat 11-Jun-11 01:31:47

Either Opi it's a girl or Essie ballet slippers. The Opi one is more translucent but ballet slippers is a classic pink.

winnybella Sat 11-Jun-11 01:33:20

Chanel Ballerina here as well. Very pretty.

bettyboo83 Mon 13-Jun-11 12:00:31

Thanks everyone, I feel a shopping trip coming on! smile

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