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Anyone had a Fake Bake spray tan?

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Toffeefudgecake Thu 09-Jun-11 20:30:09

I'm having my first spray tan tomorrow. Has anyone had one and got any tips? If you have had one, were you happy with it? How long did it last? I was planning to ask for a healthy tan on my legs, but just a light tan on my face. I've been told I'll be in a booth, but I'm not sure if the spraying is automatic or if someone goes in with me confused. Do people usually keep their bra on or not? Any tips on aftercare? And how long does the tan last? I'm going on holiday for a week and am hoping it will see me through that.

ohnelly Thu 09-Jun-11 20:55:43

Hi just wear a g- string if your brave so you don't get lines from knickers! Definitely take your bra off and I wouldn't put it straight back on afterwards either until dried properly as it may leave marks, same goes with socks. Ideally wear flip flops and baggy clothes afterwards.
Lots of moisturiser after bath/shower will make it last - a week if your lucky!
Mine was too light I think so don't be afraid to ask for a good colour all over smile

RichTeaAreCrap Thu 09-Jun-11 21:11:15

let me know how you get on. I fancy a Fake Bake one because I have heard that they look more natural than others. I have had a St Tropez and it made me look orange!

You don't keep your bra on and they usually give you paper knickers to wear. Take baggy clothes for afterwards and flip flops, but dont put any of these on until it has completely dried. It will also be all over your bed sheets that night and you shower it off the next morning. It washes out of bed sheets dont worry!

Toffeefudgecake Sat 11-Jun-11 00:21:08

Have had the tan. I chose a darker tan on my body and a lighter look on my face. It does look very natural. I quite like the slight smell, but my DC have complained about it. They are not too sure about my new colour either. I presume the smell will fade after showering tomorrow morning (I was told not to wash tonight).

The experience was fine and enhanced by the nice, chatty beauty therapist who did the tan. The spray does feel cold when it's put on and I still feel a bit sticky, but I presume that will pass. I'll have to live with the tan for a bit before I know how I really feel about it though.

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