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Present for MY 40th birthday

(4 Posts)
BlueberryPancake Thu 09-Jun-11 16:20:27

Mu husband is great but very unsinspired when in comes to birthday presents. He's taking me out in London (for a show, I think, and dinner) but he asked me what I would like as a present. I need your help to find something special and that would last a long time. I thought
- a charm bracelet (are they out of fashion?)
- a nice handbag (I really like Orla Kiely style bags, unpretencious and can wear all the time- even the school runs!)
- that's it, no more ideas!!!

Please help, Thanks!

sweetheart Thu 09-Jun-11 16:24:01

For my 30th i got some lovely presents which included a bottle of 30 year old wine in a lovely presentation gift box and dh brought me a colour / style consultation. now I know it's not something to keep but I'm hoping the lessons I will learn will keep me looking great for years to come. I also had a lovely pair of pearl earings which I have worn nearly every day since.

Emo76 Thu 09-Jun-11 17:18:12

Check out Alex Monroe for earrings/necklaces

Maybe a leather casual bag (someone put a good link up recently , began with an S but can't recall)

Depends on budget really!

bogle Thu 09-Jun-11 17:33:37

Subject close to my heart as I face 40 in a few weeks too. Not at all romantic but what is missing in my life is an iphone, so DH getting me that, and from the rest of my family I was thinking of cash to go to Rigby and Pellar to get really good everyday underwear. HTH

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