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How often to you buy/replace

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74slackbladder Thu 09-Jun-11 13:06:32


BunnyLebowski Thu 09-Jun-11 13:16:51

1. When the wires pop out and threaten to make shish keboobs out of my cleavage
2. When the brush goes all dry and crispy

FoundWanting Thu 09-Jun-11 13:22:42

1. Not often enough because I am quite poor and very choosy.

2. Too often (6 in make-up bag, 2 still in their cellophane).

dottyaboutstripes Thu 09-Jun-11 13:30:42

1. Every now & again when I see a bargain really. Nice, decent bras seem to cost £££s
2. Quite a lot. Get sucked in all the time by Debenhams offers of extra points etc blush

ComradeJing Thu 09-Jun-11 13:34:56

1. When they no longer feel supportive and look right under clothing in theory. In practice it is whenever I'm in Australia or the UK and can get a fitting.

2. When they start to smell funky, when the tube seems empty or when they are older than about a year even when I haven't finished them. TBH I'm quite ruthless (in relation to friends who have stuff for years and years) with my make-up bag and go through it every year and ditch stuff I've stopped wearing.

MissFoodie Thu 09-Jun-11 14:09:26

1. as and when...........!
2. at least every 2 months, for hygiene purposes you really should

LuckyMrsT Thu 09-Jun-11 17:30:23

1. When they go grey, break or lose elasticity in the straps.
2. When it runs out. Isn't that obvious? I do wear it most days but if I had one for a long time and it hadn't dried up I'd have no problem using it. I stock up when Boots do their 3 for 2 offer on make up.

dexter73 Thu 09-Jun-11 17:35:38

1. When I see a nice one or need a particular colour/style.
2. When it feels empty.

ColonelBrandonsBiggestGroupie Thu 09-Jun-11 17:48:38

Bras - when they stretch and stop being tight enough
Mascara - about every four months: in fact, that reminds me...I need a trip to the Lancome counter v soon!

chickydoo Thu 09-Jun-11 17:54:52

Bras- if a white one goes grey, if I need a particular colour. not very often. Got a couple of new ones last year, nothing yet this year.
Mascara- when it runs out, maybe every six months or so. Usually the one in a pink tube with a green lid. maybe it's maybaline, or maybe not.

Meggles76 Thu 09-Jun-11 20:24:33

1. when they start to look a bit shabby, when there is a Triumph sale (only ones that seem to fit really well but can be £££ as I have to wear matching knickers) or when I am going to a special occasion and need a colour or style I don't already have.

2. when it starts to run out - probably every 4 months

Ephiny Thu 09-Jun-11 20:30:26

Bras - either when they start losing their stretch and the straps get too loose, or when they no longer fit properly due to my fluctuating weight! Really need to get some new ones soon actually, this is a useful reminder.

Makeup, never because I don't wear any! I think you're supposed to throw away unused stuff after a few months for hygeine reasons though?

MooMooFarm Thu 09-Jun-11 20:31:13

Bras I buy constantly because I love buying underwear. I probably have about ten 'favourites' in circulation ATM. Therefore they never seem to wear out. I do need quite a lot, in my defence, because my boobs change size quite drastically throughout the month....

Mascara is probably replaced every 3 months or so - about as long as it takes to go claggy, at which point I sling it.

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