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Jeans Nightmare

(4 Posts)
HonestyBox Wed 08-Jun-11 23:33:50

I have lost half a stone and went mooching in the shops thinking I would try some jeans as I haven't tried any on for an age. Now, I know jeans shopping can be depressing and you need to be on good form but I came away feeling like the world's most enormous woman. I tried on some Kirsten high waist jeans and some regular skinnies in topshop - had heard good things on here. Even at waist 34 (my waist now measures 27!) I couldn't get the damn things over my thighs. And when I did pull them almost up there was a massive, and I mean mahoosive, gape around the waist. I went to try some Levis curve id as I've also heard good things on here but they only had the demi-curve in, not the bold curve.

Have you got any advice on good brands to try? Lots of people must be in a similar position re. not having a teenage figure anymore. I don't want to wear granny jeans and I'm an okay weight - 10 stone and 5 ft 7in. Lots of weight on the butt and thighs it seems although I don't think I look too bad really. Last time I wore jeans I was 9 stone and constantly got told I was too skinny.

omydarlin Thu 09-Jun-11 00:01:06

I carry weight on my thighs and bottom and find new look ok...- have a try you cant go wrong for £10 also they don't seem to have that shortness between crotch and waist giving you a builders bum thing IYKWIM

5DollarShake Thu 09-Jun-11 02:23:52

I'm a stone heavier than you and a couple of inches taller. I have some dotty P skinnies and some H&M straight legs which fit well. My most comfortable and flattering pair are 7FAM Kimmies, straight leg. Shape-wise, my bum's OK and my thighs could stand to be slimmer.

littlemissboden Thu 09-Jun-11 06:13:29

Fat face do some great jeans,and I have thighs too!! Think they have £20 off denim at the moment too.

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