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Is it a bad idea to go brunette when hair is going grey????

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NotInTheMood Wed 08-Jun-11 18:55:24

basically i've been going grey since my 20's. I've been having highlights for the last 10 years and my hair is turning straw like and is not in the best condition. I've recently had a bad experience with a mobile hair dresser and have had to have it cut short has she used too much bleach. I've found a new hair dresser who suggested going brunette which is my natural colour. However im worried about regrowth etc. Although id like to have glossy healthy hair again. I know there are things you can use in between colouring which you can't with highlights although not sure what or what they are like??

tulpe Wed 08-Jun-11 19:03:23

I would recommend going brunette. Like you, I have been going grey - well, actually white - since my 20s. If you are naturally brunette the regrowth will actually be less obvious than with blonde highlights. I also figure you see it anyway so would rather have generally glossy, healthy hair with the occasional sprinkling of grey than straw-like blonde.

My hair is in much better condition now than during the 10 years I was blonde smile

I don't use anything inbetween colouring sessions. I get mine done every 10 weeks or so (longer if I can bear it).

oldenoughtowearpurple Wed 08-Jun-11 19:10:37

whether you need to do inbetween topups or not depends on how grey you are - ie how much the regrowth shows. I never used to need to but now I really do.

The regrowth touch up kits look tricky but are amazingly easy to use and more importanly you don't need to spend hours getting a perfect colour match.

dark brown can be ageing and look a bit weird if you are wrinkly (sorry don't know how old you are) - if you are ancient like me go for a mid brown not a dark one

ChippyMinton Wed 08-Jun-11 19:10:56

Solid dark brown is very a bad idea. You will look like a badger most of the time. A lighter brown base with a few high/lowlights is the way to go. I tend to have reds/coppers in the winter, then have a few highlights over the summer, then back to autumnal colours in, well, the autumn.

NotInTheMood Wed 08-Jun-11 19:21:00

Ah thankyou for the replies. Im 30 and have youngish skin and face but am pale so may need to use the bronzer. I would like a warmish light brown-so she she has suggested a medium brown maybe dark blonde colour as she said because my hair is very light on top the hightlight's will shine through and give a lighter colour. I only really have a t -section so underneath im a darkish brown. I like the idea of having highlights through it to match the seasons grin

ATripperToTheLast Wed 08-Jun-11 20:04:37

I get my hair done at the salon about every 6 weeks. Am naturally brunette but if I left the roots now I would be snow white. The stylist tends to mix about 3 colours, and it looks really natural. The type of dye I have is a permanent tint, and it fades rather than looking a stark contrast between the white root and dark hair. I wouldn't do it myself ever!

NotInTheMood Wed 08-Jun-11 22:01:38

every 6 weeks eek. My good there can do hair transplants surely there should be something out there for grey hair by now sad

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