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I have some big rollers - tell me what to do with them

(4 Posts)
Bumperlicioso Tue 07-Jun-11 21:24:29

Today I finally got some large Velcro rollers, now I just need to know what to do with them, especially for 'next day hair'. Any tips? smile

TattyDevine Tue 07-Jun-11 21:32:58

What is next day hair?

<<probably being thick sorry>>

Large velcros - put them in your hair front to back in rows when your hair is still very slightly dampish. Give your hair a good blast with a hot hair dryer, directing some heat briefly at each roller.

Leave them in for a while - anything from 10 minutes to a couple of hours, depending what kind of time you have. Every bit helps but even 10 minutes is enough to give you a good bit of bouncy body.

TattyDevine Tue 07-Jun-11 21:34:07

When you say "next day hair" does that mean you washed it the day before and you want to refresh the style? If that's the case I'd spray your hair with a product of some sort, a setting lotion or blow dry lotion (but nothing too sticky) to get it to the "damp" stage I mentioned above then take it from there as described above.

Bumperlicioso Tue 07-Jun-11 21:52:05

Yes that is what I meant thanks grin

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