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In praise of M & Co

(2 Posts)
worldgonecrazy Mon 06-Jun-11 10:36:20

This is definitely not a shop I would normally venture into but a dress I saw in an editorial feature caught my eye. I have to say that I was actually really impressed. The shop assistant provided really good personal service, seemed interested in me as a customer and the dresses I tried on were well made, quality items at very reasonable prices, and as I know none of my friends would ever shop there I know I don't have to worry about someone wearing the same dress to an event. I was pleasantly surprised (Monsoon staff please take note!)

cruelladepoppins Mon 06-Jun-11 13:43:38

I like M&Co too (largely because they have a shop in my small town!) - very reasonable, and they have stuff suitable for work and for casual.

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