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Am confused about SPF. Am I the only one?

(8 Posts)
buggerthebotox Sun 05-Jun-11 10:40:24

What products should I use for maximum sun protection? I'm no spring chicken - yesterday I treated myself to some regenerist - but couldn't find any SPF rating on the container. What's best to use??

cybbo Sun 05-Jun-11 10:44:27

I put sun cream on my face every day as a moisturiser- I like Clinique face creme, its got SPF 30. Its also got high uva/uvb protection.

I've also got a tinted Loreal one which is SPF50 but if it gets in your eyes it KILLS

buggerthebotox Sun 05-Jun-11 10:48:36

cybbo - is this about the maximum SPF you can get?

kyacat Sun 05-Jun-11 11:11:35

I just bought some Olay regenerist moisturiser SPF30. I'm hoping for great things smile I think the thing to look for is UVA and UVB protection. I use factor 50 suncream on my neck, chest and hands but it doesn't sit well under make-up.

Pinkflipflop Sun 05-Jun-11 11:41:55

I used to spend an absolute fortune on facial moisturisers but now I ONLY use this
It's brilliant, a lovely base for makeup too. I would really recommend you give this a go and see how you get on. I have been using it since the start of the year and my skin is thanking me grin

cybbo Sun 05-Jun-11 12:18:31

Pink I'm planning on getting some of that when my current stocks run out-it looks really good and is good under make up too according to gal that sells it on QVC

noddyholder Sun 05-Jun-11 13:05:16

God it does burn your eyes. All the high factor ones do

rubyrubyruby Sun 05-Jun-11 13:18:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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