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I bought a few things and now I'm hyperventilating

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kohl Sat 04-Jun-11 22:33:28

Looking for some honest feedback. Had a post-baby spend with the plastic today and bought this in bright pink, this in lake, this in midnight and these. I do have two weddings and a baptism to attend this summer, but I will need them to last well into the forseeable.
Do you think they will date? Worth the money? Appropriate for the occasions?
Appropriate for other occasions (trying to envision a time when I might go out in the evening again...)
Was a bit sweet talked by one very cool, and one incredibly sophisticated shop assistant....

Oh God...and an advert for Oxfam's just come on the frickin telly.

Guilt guilt guilt guilt

<breathes into paper bag>

fartmeistergeneral Sat 04-Jun-11 22:35:39

Wow you've gone a bit mad!!! Love them all, particularly the Davina dress. Classy. Not overly keen on the shoes, but would probably look better on with those fabulous dresses. Go girl!! lol!

ThatVikRinA22 Sat 04-Jun-11 22:37:06

i am jealous of your ability in the style stakes...

i am shite with shopping. i live in jeans. im sure they will all look fabulous.

Flippingebay Sat 04-Jun-11 22:40:14

Love the LK Bennett dress... Wish I could wear stuff like that.. The shoes are awesome!

CliffTumble Sat 04-Jun-11 22:50:31

I don't like them. The reiss dress is a weird shape, the lace one will date, and the lk Bennett one looks a bit dull. Sorry. The lk one is the best.

Gillybobs Sat 04-Jun-11 22:52:28

Love love love the LK Bennet dress, I think I like the Reiss one, the FC one looks very young to me, are you a youngster? : )

kohl Sat 04-Jun-11 22:55:55

Thank you so much guys. It was one of those therapeutic-at-the-time-haven't-been-shopping-in-ages-i'd-never-wear-that-oh-sod-it-i'll-just-try-it-on...followed by blind panic on the sofa shopping trips.
I've never bought anything in lk bennet or reiss before but was really impressed by the cut of the dresses, particularly in the former - and the shop assistant was giving some very honest advice to the lady next to me.
You've made me feel much better!

kohl Sat 04-Jun-11 22:59:43

Before i read cliff! Thanks though - the reiss dress does hang better on, and works w/ a belt, lk i thought an investment.
I'm 31, do I squeak by as a youngster?!

CliffTumble Sat 04-Jun-11 23:06:40

Sorry, there no point posting on here if you don't want honest replies. What shape are you? That would help to see if they are a good buy.

kohl Sat 04-Jun-11 23:17:34

Cliff the thanks though was for you! All honest replies gratefully received. I'm 8-10, 5'2 (AND A HALF - v. important...), 34c...urm, mousy, other than that bit nondescript, alright lower legs, wobbly thighs...

CliffTumble Sat 04-Jun-11 23:25:49

If you have that figure you can probably get away with most things! Isn't the lk dress really long though?

Millie1 Sat 04-Jun-11 23:26:21

Love the LK Bennett dress in particular Kohl. Now I understand your comment on my bag thread!!

kohl Sat 04-Jun-11 23:31:32

The lk dress does need taking up by about 2 inches, which i'm hoping my dh can do as i have no money left and need to buy all the food for dd's christening
millie damn them with their well lit shops, nice stuff and sophisticated staff!

NanAstley Sat 04-Jun-11 23:31:55

I love the lkb dress. I have been eyeing it myself for a while. You will get a lot of use out of it, as it won't really date for a good few years, if ever (as long as you can still fit into it)

The lace dress will date, but as long as it looks good on you, it shouldn't matter.

Not so keen on the Reiss dress, but if it looks better on you than on the picture then go for it.

Try all of them on again in your bedroom mirror, and see if you still love them. If any of them don't make your heart sing, return it grin

choux Sat 04-Jun-11 23:33:46

A colleague has the LK Bennett dress and it's gorgeous. For weddings/christenings perhaps midnight is a little dark unless you accessorise to liven it up - did you see the new navy or red versions?

As you asked about the dresses dating I do think the lace one will date as it's both a 'now' colour and fabric. The Reiss dress in pink is also a very now colour but the style is likely to wear well over time. But for me the dress with the most longevity is the LK Bennett one - I want it myself but don't want to look like I've copied my colleague!

choux Sat 04-Jun-11 23:39:35

Meant to say - do you need 3 dresses for the 3 events? Can you not wear the same lkb dress for the first and third with different shoes, jacket, bag etc? Then you don't have three dresses sitting in wardrobe waiting for an outing and you may wear the shoes / jacket etc more often than a dress.

I'm practical when it comes to clothes buying! And as NanAstley said if you don't get excited when you try one of them on then take it back. You should only keep things you don't want to take off when you try them on!

novelsituation Sat 04-Jun-11 23:41:35

Ooooh those shoes! Just gorgeous.

clarkykitten Sun 05-Jun-11 09:58:20

Love the LK dress too, in fact think I may copy and get it myself for a wedding... there is a plum version on the House of Fraser website smile I like all your other buys too, particularly the shoes!

MrsCampbellBlack Sun 05-Jun-11 10:03:25

Love everything apart from the fcuk dress.

Interested to know the reiss one works on you as I'm similar size and find reiss dresses never work as imo they're cut for taller people.

And do what nan said and try all on again at home.

pointydog Sun 05-Jun-11 10:07:13

Love the shoes and the LK Bennet. Won't date quickly.

I assume the reiss looks good on as it looks like a crumpled bag in the photo. Don't like the FC one. You might have bought a pig in a poke with that one.

LemoryMane Sun 05-Jun-11 10:29:07

The shoes are glorious. If you can walk in them, you are a better woman than me grin and I salute you. They will go with loads of things, though, and are seriously sassy, so I say yay to them.

The LK Bennett dress looks like it would flatter a lot of different figures. I love dresses like that. Some might say boring, but I say versatile. You could glam them up with those shoes and a fabulous chunky bracelet, or wear it with a cardi and flat sandals for an everyday look, or even a blazer and heels for a smart, office-ey look. Well done.

I love the FC dress, but it can be quite a hard look to carry off if you aren't slender of leg and waist, I think.

Not keen on the Reiss dress. Unless you are a stick it has the potential to look 'sack of potatoes'.

EldonAve Sun 05-Jun-11 10:31:44

I like the lkb dress
Not keen on the other dresses but if you love them that's great.

kohl Sun 05-Jun-11 10:51:55

Ta all - v much appreciated. It's really good to get lots of honest feedback, and strangely nice to know not everyone agrees with me as it means hopefully I won't ruck up to these things looking like everyone else (unless clarkey's at the same wedding...will be keeping my eye out for a lady in plum, will sidle up and offer a pom bear....)

As per Nan's advice I tried them on and they all make me smile! The one that'll date the quickest I'll probably get the most wear out of in the short term, as there's a couple of bd's coming up too.

For anyone thinking of getting the lk dress - do it do it! <enabler> it is ridiculously flattering.

kohl Sun 05-Jun-11 10:56:43

it is ok to wear a bright pink silk sack to a five year old's party...right?!

DrNortherner Sun 05-Jun-11 11:09:04

I think they are all very stylish. I think the Reiss will look much better on then on the pic, although you need fab legs I reckon to carry it off!

And who said the lace one will date?! Lace has been stylish at some point in the year for at least 3 years and imo, never dates. Think vintage dahling. However, the lace one is a modern style not classical so you need to be careful what you wear with it. My absolute fave is the LK Bennet one. Stunning. I want it myself!

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