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Fitflops with high insteps

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Lady1nTheRadiator Sat 04-Jun-11 19:12:59

I have bought some Fitflops, I can get them on okay, but the strap is tight - not painfully so but very snug, due to stupid high insteps. Will they give a little or should I return them? I reallllllly need something this comfy - and they ARE comfy but I am worried that they will just feel tight and uncomfortable after walking in them IYKWIM... what to do what to do.

sweetpea2petals Sat 04-Jun-11 23:56:54

could you exchange them?, i've got a pair that are 2 years old, and bought a new pair this year. The new ones are called bodytoners?? i think, and are significantly tighter than my old basic ones, which have fabric sides rather than all over leather. They do loads of different ranges including both the types i have (they have a website - v.v.v. lovely ranges).
If i was better at using computers, and not so new on mumsnet i could probably link something for you - sorry blush
Google Fitflops!
They are comfy so worth a search - ds1 has high instep so i understand your problem - he's desperate to wear crocs - total no go!!

Lady1nTheRadiator Sun 05-Jun-11 08:15:36

Hi Sweetpea, thanks for replying smile and welcome to MN. I think I am going to keep them because they are not so tight as to be uncomfortable, reading around it seems other people have felt the same and got used to them, also I've been wandering around in really flimsy sandals all week so think they might feel tighter just by comparison if you see what I mean - like the first time you put socks on after a holiday it feels all wrong and constrictive at first. Well I hope so anyway!

SkipToTheEnd Sun 05-Jun-11 08:33:04

You may just get used to them. Every new pair of shoes rub me for the first day.

It sound stupid but I wear all new shoes with thick socks around the house for a day or so to stretch them abit.

Also, Boots have brown and black fitflops for 40% off smile

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