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Night out at a London casino!!

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anon80 Sat 04-Jun-11 17:28:02

Its my Oh's 30th and it appears were all going to a london casino, there is a few of us men and women, im pretty sure the guys will be going in suits and im wondering if i can get a way with anice fake tan and a killer red dress blush and some nude high heels

however were proberly going to be making our way there via train so will go in my flats and put my high heels on once there. The thing im worried about the most is if the other women dont dress up as much ill feel like a prat, even though the men will be in suits- the other women i rekon will be in dress's but do you think red is OTT??

Im 5ft nothing ( but will be wearing heels ) size 10 but big bum thighs and hips id say.
brown hair
blue eyes

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