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Frugal Barnet Advice Required, Stat!

(2 Posts)
BlooferLady Fri 03-Jun-11 13:44:38

(I have never known what 'stat' means btw...)

Can anyone advise me on some DIY hair-dye pliz?

I have thick mid-length hair, naturally mid-blonde with some very blonde highlights done at great expense in January. I now have impressive roots and need perking up generally, but I'm broke-ass and will only get broker in the next month as I've had to take a bit of unpaid leave.

I'd like to do a home job but I'm a bit terrified I'll either end up with a headful of white candyfloss, or bald as a billiard ball - can anyone recommend anything?

Failing that, are Supercuts as bad as they sound?! grin


BlooferLady Fri 03-Jun-11 13:52:25

It has belatedly struck me that inserted the words 'hair' and 'highlights' into the title would've been useful confused grin

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