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Long, thick, straight hair- miracle styling products?

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ShushBaby Fri 03-Jun-11 12:59:33

My hair is long, straight, thick and brown with a blunt fringe. I'd describe it as normal with the inevitable dryer ends because of its length. I blowdry or straighten every day (which is tedious, but I'm vain)- left to its own devices it would be a bit bushy and matt, and have slight kinks rather than actual waves. I have tried various heat styling sprays and serums etc. Currently using Charles Worthington heat defence spray and shine mist.

Immediately after it's been styled it looks very glossy, tamed and silky. But within a couple of hours it always goes a little... meh. Slightly bushy, slightly frazzly, less shiny. If I brush it again it regains some of its former glory. But I'd rather not nip to the loo to brush my hair every hour at work!

Does anyone know of any amazing products which keep that just-styled look for longer than the bus journey to the office?!

Thanks in advance.

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