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Things to wear with skirts

(4 Posts)
mippy Thu 02-Jun-11 23:59:02

I have many nice skirts, yet the tops I wear with jeans just look wrong with them. I have some lovely scoop-neck tees from Uniqlo, that match a full skirt I have (am too busty for most wovens and button down tops) but they're too long to look proportional and tucking in my T-shirt just feels wrong (I had a v.nerdy boyfriend once who used to always tuck in his shirt then pull it out slightly so it was baggy and it drove me insane). Do I have to go out and buy a new set of tops to go with my skirts but will not quite cover my belly button with jeans? Or do I need to face my fear of tucking in?

whoneedssleepanyway Fri 03-Jun-11 07:20:10

I only have one casual skirt (fullish knee length) but I wear a longish tshirt with it (not tucked in) and then put a largish belt over the top that sits on my hips to get over the fact that the t shirts are on the long side, would this work...

plipplops Fri 03-Jun-11 10:50:51

I think the belt's a great idea (am planning my own wardrobe as I type...)

ColonelBrandonsBiggestGroupie Fri 03-Jun-11 13:55:34

If I tuck a t-shirt in (busty too!) I tend to wear an open denim shirt or a cotton cardigan over the top of it to lengthen the line again. I'm very short waisted so belts don't usually suit me.

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