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Seasalt - Yes or no?

(12 Posts)
JemimaMop Thu 02-Jun-11 18:07:28

What is Seasalt like? I have seen a couple of things that I like there for myself and for the DC. I know its a bit mumsy, but then my usual "style" (if you could call it that) is Boden/White Stuff/Joules so that isn't too much of an issue.

madammecholet Thu 02-Jun-11 18:24:24


wingandprayer Thu 02-Jun-11 18:32:03

I've had a few bits of theirs and found it washed really badly. Organic fair trade cotton is all well and good but it shrunk and the colour bleached out. Good for nothing within few months.

Mumelie Thu 02-Jun-11 18:35:23

Think its a No from me wink
Had a few bits (striped skirt and a v neck tshirt) last year but felt v v v mumsy wearing them (I am also a Boden/WS/Joules fan). Guess it depends what the item is.

mejon Thu 02-Jun-11 21:13:46

I've got a couple of their stripey long-sleeved t-shirts (from Ji-binc - style icon that I am wink!) - one has shrunk quite a lot and the other is so far OK but as I bought a far bigger size than normal to wear when I was expecting I doubt I'll be wearing it much again. Like their linen stuff and jackets but not enough to buy them!

floweryblue Thu 02-Jun-11 21:18:12

Seasalt is fab, I've had a few things, bought DP a few things, and they are wearing really well. I live where they are though, so it has become a bit 'Boden' (ie easily recognisable style) for me.

TeddyMcardle Thu 02-Jun-11 21:22:14

My mum brought a load of stuff from there when we were on holiday.

That's all I've got to say on that.
Actually I don't mind their stuff, nice dresses.

JemimaMop Sat 04-Jun-11 11:23:37


I ordered some t-shirts for the DC on the 3 for 2 offer, will see how they wash and wear before buying anything else.

mejon I will have a look in Ji-binc. TBH Ji-binc probably is the height of style here, it is at least one step up from a fleece from Coed-y-Dinas!

mejon Sat 04-Jun-11 13:54:42


tulpe Sat 04-Jun-11 16:15:30

I have a skirt from Sea Salt which I love but I did have it taken up by about 4 inches as twas a tad mumsy at a below-knee length. I love it though and it has worn and washed really well. I also have a long sleeve tee which is baby soft and has retained it's colour well too.

Any brand can appear mumsy - even the Stella McCartney's of the world - it all comes down to how you wear it/style it.

If you like it, buy it smile

moondog Sat 04-Jun-11 16:18:09

I have just bought a Seasalt sweatshirt.
I won't be wearing it to work or anything vaguely formal but very useful for schlepping about in.
(I do sigger at the way they pretend everything is made in Cornwall though-it isn't. Made in India. Nowt wrong with that but enough already of the bucket 'n spade Rock fantasy)

CointreauVersial Sat 04-Jun-11 22:46:58

I was in Cornwall this week and bought a really cute Seasalt cotton dress - casual summer-style in a washed-out pink colour, fits me really well.

BUT after one wear I noticed a little hole in the sleeve angry. A ten-hour round-trip to return it won't be possible, so it's lucky I'm handy with a needle and thread. I also noticed the "made in India" label!

All of their stuff is quite Boden-ish and brightly-coloured, but they had some nice little cotton A-line summer skirts. I would certainly buy from there again, but probably wouldn't wear it from head to toe.

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