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Wedding Outfit for 12 yo dd

(3 Posts)
titchy Thu 02-Jun-11 15:41:14

Any ideas for a 12 yo girl who pretty much only wears the 'standard' 12 yo uniform of Messrs Hollister, Wills and Fitch.... Shorts with tights underneath, t shirts and hoodies with leggings. converse pumps and that's it!

Informal wedding but it would be nice to see her in something smart (dress, jacket type thing), but obviously something she'll be comfortabe in, and that she'll get some use out of. Even if it's only to the school disco!

chocoroo Thu 02-Jun-11 21:00:57

Well, if she's a fan of the Ameican preppy type look (and so am I except I'm 30 and therefore a. Too Old and b. Too Fat) why drag her away from it?

Hollister had some pretty dresses last week when I was in...the sort that have frilly patterned skirts and a plain top. That could be good with one of their corsage type cardi's and flat pumps.

Or how about a tea dress type thing? Lots and lots of pretty ones about.

I guess I'm kind of thinking festival chic really...casual but very pretty and probably not dissimilar to your DD's taste.

titchy Fri 03-Jun-11 13:08:06

If you're too old at 30 not sure whatthat makes me at 44!

Actually I hadn't even thought Hollister etc would do dresses blush so thanks for that!

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