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found grey hairs this week. What colours or highlights to get?

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giraffesCantZumba Thu 02-Jun-11 15:09:17

A friend at toddlers the other day helped me to find a grey and now i can see a few of them! I knew i had been seeing them! Now ive spotted one they keep catching my eye. Not had hair dyed in years. What do you think? Pic on profile of colour.

peasandlove Fri 03-Jun-11 05:07:25

hmm you really wanna dye it for a 'few' greys? just throw a nice and easy semi through it, if anything

allhailtheaubergine Fri 03-Jun-11 05:31:30

Grey hairs are not a crime. I am sure you are still beautiful with them.

Live with them. smile

whoneedssleepanyway Fri 03-Jun-11 07:17:57

highlights won't cover grey but they will just disperse it so less noticeable.

i think i agree with peasandlove just put a semi permanent through it.

CliffTumble Fri 03-Jun-11 07:27:54

I'd wait until they are more obvious, as you are going to be dying for a long time once you start.

giraffesCantZumba Fri 03-Jun-11 07:34:34

I'm 26 I thought I would have another 10 years or so

cjbartlett Fri 03-Jun-11 07:36:07

Can someone expand on throw a nice and easy semi through it? Another dye virgin here

Meggles76 Fri 03-Jun-11 10:09:28

I have naturally dark hair and started finding the odd grey in my 20s (my father was completely grey by 30 so may be a genetic thing?!) Anyway, I just ignored them to begin with and pulled out any very visible ones. If you only have a few, I wouldn't rush out and start getting highlights - once you start, it is hard to stop and is costly and time consuming.

I am now in my mid 30s and would guess that I am 30 -40% grey. I have blonde highlights every 6 weeks which really helps to hide them.... but at a cost of £98 a pop!!!

cleoismycat Fri 03-Jun-11 10:14:45

Casting gloss are good. I pulled out 3 white hairs this morning that were just too horse-like to leave in!

peasandlove Sat 04-Jun-11 02:28:12

"Can someone expand on throw a nice and easy semi through it? Another dye virgin here"

oops, sorry, I mean use a Nice and Easy semi-permanent colour. They wash out over 30days or so.

I started going grey in my teems, and I'd guess about 50% now at 36. I absolutely hate dying my hair, so I'd never recommend starting until it's really necessary

smilesandsun Sat 04-Jun-11 08:47:02

i have dark hair and the greys are getting too much. I've been doing the home hair dye natural colour for years now but think i'm going to have to take the next step. So you think perhaps some honey highlights might help hide them?

Riveninside Sat 04-Jun-11 08:51:35

Embrace your grey smile

BlooCowWonders Sun 05-Jun-11 14:24:00

If there are just a few, you could just snip them off at the root. ( definitely don't pull them out)

But I'd leave them. smile

Some 'friend' you have.... !

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