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thermal body scrub - SCORCHIO

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JunoWatt Thu 02-Jun-11 13:57:34

im sure i just had the same temp as boiling water on me. had a sanctuary thermal body polish thing.
put all over torso and OW OW OW

has anyone else expereienced same?

LindyHemming Thu 02-Jun-11 14:12:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JunoWatt Thu 02-Jun-11 14:12:55

its like BURNINGLY hot
in a painful way

ClaireDeLoon Thu 02-Jun-11 14:14:01

I just looked at this in boots as was in 3 for 2. Glad I didn't bother now.

Have tried their facial charcoal warming mask and that didn't burn too much.

JunoWatt Thu 02-Jun-11 14:18:16

i got it in a gift pack

aquavit Thu 02-Jun-11 14:19:05

oh i was given this one Christmas

it is thoroughly unpleasant


JunoWatt Thu 02-Jun-11 14:20:02

did it REALLy hurt you?

JunoWatt Thu 02-Jun-11 14:20:19

( btw i cant see it on their website)

MrsCampbellBlack Thu 02-Jun-11 14:21:48

I was bought some as a present - used it once and chucked it. Was horrid and I usually like the sanctuary stuff.

JunoWatt Thu 02-Jun-11 14:22:30


8shouts sadly*

MrsMeow Thu 02-Jun-11 20:31:12

I used the Soap & Glory one a while ago, and felt really ODD in the shower! Kind of like sunburn and a high temp rolled into one.

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