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Is it too soon to buy a dress for a do in August?

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TheOriginalFAB Tue 31-May-11 20:04:30

I have no idea what to wear as I have not been to a civil partnership before (assuming dress code is like a wedding? It is stated as smart casual).

I am hoping to lose more weight so don't want to buy too soon and it then not fit, but then shops sell winter stuff in July so I might miss out confused.

I am 39, have F cup breasts, good bum, terrible legs and can't wear high heels.

What do I wear??

strawberryjelly Tue 31-May-11 21:06:43

What about a smart wrap over dress?
Or s shift - fitted if you are hourglass.

Have you looked at

Phase 8
fenn wright manson
LK Bennett


all the usual suspects.

TattyDevine Tue 31-May-11 21:10:49

I would go ahead and find something on the basis that August is a shambles with end of sale stuff and Autumn stuff out. Yet the weather might be quite hot and its frustrating when everything is out of stock.

Makes me wonder if I should get something for my sister-in-law's wedding in September...I might wait a bit. Hmmm.

TheOriginalFAB Tue 31-May-11 21:11:48

I like the idea of a wrap dress but have only seen short ones.

Cafefrappe Tue 31-May-11 21:24:42

Yes I think you should go ahead - perhaps get something that's a little on the 'snug' side to allow for the weight loss! Monsoon are usually quite good for longer length dresses.As is whitestuff for something a little more smart/casual

tethersend Tue 31-May-11 21:51:07



ChiddelyPie Tue 31-May-11 22:53:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheOriginalFAB Wed 01-Jun-11 14:07:46

I like both of those tethersend.

ChidderlyPie - I like the first one but it is strapless so not a good idea with my breasts. Thank you though.

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