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What should I wear to a christening *this* Sunday?

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GeneCity Tue 31-May-11 13:59:13

I'm not a natural dress-y person, and only usually wear dresses to weddings. I haven't been to a christening before, but understand that you should be dressy, but not wedding-dressy. Is that right?

I'll be taking DS, and DH can't come, so I need to wear something that's practical / baby-friendly confused.

I'm 32, 5ft5inches, and a size 12, with pale colouring and mousey-brown hair.

Collision Tue 31-May-11 13:59:43


Collision Tue 31-May-11 14:00:35

lovely and in the sale!

GeneCity Tue 31-May-11 14:13:02

Hmm, the budget would depend on how much I like the dress. Probably ~£100 max though.

The tulip dress is lovely, but I'm afraid it's too floral + feminine for me.

I'm having a look online at the mo, and will post links to any dresses that I like...

GeneCity Tue 31-May-11 14:25:52

I quite like this.

GeneCity Tue 31-May-11 14:34:29

and this.

GeneCity Tue 31-May-11 14:36:18

and also this.

FebreezeYourJeans Tue 31-May-11 16:16:11

OK, The Ted Baker is very short if it's a church christening.
The butterfly maxi is gorgeous, but I tried it on yesterday and the straps are quite long so it shows a ridiculous amount of cleavage (and trust me I am not adverse to cleavage showing) I would have had to wear a cami with it.
Tribal maxi is....OK

I'll stop dissing your choices and go have a look now shall I grin

GeneCity Tue 31-May-11 17:49:33

FebreezeYourJeans, I think you're right. About everything <sob>.

I'd really like a maxi-dress, as I have pasty legs they feel quite summery to me.

wineandcheese Tue 31-May-11 19:18:19

Do you like this?

I tried on the florally pinky version today - was nice and wasn't as short on me (5'6") as it is on the model.

wineandcheese Tue 31-May-11 19:20:34

Ooh sorry - just read that you'd prefer a maxi dress. Ignore my link!

GeneCity Tue 31-May-11 19:50:05

Thanks though wineandcheese!

What about this?

I like it, but it doesn't say what the material is.

GeneCity Tue 31-May-11 20:05:36

Or this?

GeneCity Tue 31-May-11 20:06:52

This is clearly the (too expensive) perfect dress.

FebreezeYourJeans Tue 31-May-11 22:00:23

Oh, the birdcage as a maxi is gorgeous!
Do it grin
Although at 5'5 check the length.

GeneCity Wed 01-Jun-11 09:18:45

Arg, stop that FebreezeYourJeans grin.

GeneCity Wed 01-Jun-11 09:37:31

Today, I like this. It doesn't exactly shout christening though.

GeneCity Wed 01-Jun-11 19:45:13

Okay, everyone (anyone?)!

I've bought this dress, and will be starting a 'Help me to accesorise this dress' thread.

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