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Bargain aquaracer?

(2 Posts)
cocorouge Tue 31-May-11 13:11:40

Someone posted a link to a tag with a blue mother of pearl face and diamonds I think for GBP 1500ish. There DH had bought it for them. I really want to find the website but can't remember where the post was. Does anyone know any good websites or which watch I mean> TIA

cremeeggsbenedict Wed 01-Jun-11 07:06:59

That was me! The site was American as I couldn't see it on any British sites. We bought it in Harrods a few years ago.

Link here for the American site - seems reasonable enough, but it also seems that Tag don't do the watch in blue anymore so if you give them or a few of their stockists a call they might have one or two left at a clearance price (hurrah) - in fact there is a Tag shop at Bicester Village who might be able to help!

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