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Is she or is she not wearing a waterfall Cardigan?

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Moulesfrites Tue 31-May-11 08:28:50

Or is this acceptable only when pregnant?

She looks fab and about 10 years younger carrying a little bit of extra weight, her face looks completely different.

spooktrain Tue 31-May-11 10:47:57

definite waterfall there.
good shoes for a kick around in the park too.

Moulesfrites Tue 31-May-11 12:31:06

So does this mean waterfalls are ok on mn now? I agree she looks good. Shoes a little hmm though

ellangirl Tue 31-May-11 12:33:27

Waterfall or otherwise, I wish she'd wear something other than black all the time. I don't think it suits her. She does look better with a bit of pregnancy weight though, not that there's much there!

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