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My experience using the website

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TattyDevine Mon 30-May-11 16:18:19

Justdreadfully, is what this place should be called.

I bought a hair extension thing to boost my plumage (don't laugh, just for a little added volume not trying to look like something out of The Only Way Is Essex).

They sent the wrong thing - a totally different extension, one I wouldn't be caught dead wearing, and completely different than the description online. I cross-checked it with the email confirmation they sent detailing my order, and the mistake was definitely theirs.

I went on their website to find what address to send it back to for a refund. On their website it said that they do not accept returns on hair extensions for any reason due to hygeine. Which is in breach of statutory rights, so I wasn't going to accept that. Plus, the box was hygeine sealed and I hadn't opened the box.

Very hard to get through on the phone to their customer service number. They never replied to my initial email (yet say you need permission to send things back). I did finally get through to someone and we were cut off. I tried three more times and each time I was cut off.

Thankfully I paid by Paypal which covers you for things like this. I started a "dispute" and someone then decided to email me with their return address, saying that they would have to see if the batch codes matched up as to whether I would get a refund (!). Bear in mind here the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 state that you can send anything back for any reason within 7 days if you have purchased it online.

I sent it back Special Delivery. They received it and signed for it on a Monday. I gave them to the Wednesday and emailed them. They emailed me back asking for tracking information because they "haven't received it yet". I emailed back saying "yes you have, here is the tracking info". Several more emails chasing them and they never replied, so I excalated my dispute to a claim, which was awarded in my favour and I now have my money back.

I cant imagine how I would have got my money back if I didn't pay paypal. Distance selling regs and Sale of Goods Act is great, but if they just decide not to, its Trading Standards and the small claims court, I guess!

I just thought I'd share my experience as I'd hate for any of you lovely ladies to have to deal with this company. If you do decide to risk it, use Paypal, and if you do have a return, use Special Delivery and keep the details until you have been refunded. But they are not nice people - they don't deserve your money.

DirtyMartini Mon 30-May-11 16:26:53

Wow, that is bad! Good thing you were organized and determined. I bet loads of people just give up and lose their money.

TattyDevine Mon 30-May-11 16:54:23

I bet they do!


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