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Nail Varnish

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Earlybird Mon 14-Nov-05 12:37:21

I just finished reading a style column on how red nail varnish is the winter colour of choice for fashion followers - which I can grasp for special occasions, but not for everyday life. The expert quoted also gives the thumbs down to square pink nails as the shape/colour "scream council" and salmon pinks are another no go. He says the most versatile colours are coffee or toffee - which I'm having a hard time imagining as nice. Also there was evidently alot of black nail polish on the runways for this fall - not for me, thank you.

What's the prevailing Mumsnet attitude toward nail varnish? All the time? Special occasions only? Never?

Preferred colours? Hands and Feet? Do it yourself or get it done professionally? Favourite brands?

Feistybird Mon 14-Nov-05 12:40:51

wear it nearly all the time - am wearing coffee at the mo on handsand feet. Do it myself, no fave brands.

expatinscotland Mon 14-Nov-05 12:43:01

I like to use Chanel 'Beige' on my hands for normal use. My nails grow like weeds, but I keep them short and rounded. I'm quite fastidious about hand adn nail grooming, so if I don't have 'Beige' on I usually have clear polish.

For toes I go w/red or Chanel Rouge Noir normally.

I do NOT like having manky feet, so every other day I use a pumice stone on my feet and a foot file. Followed by lotion - normally just aqueous creme.

I use Sally Hansen cuticle remover creme on both hands and feet 2-3x/week and cuticle oil - Malava - every day.

Earlybird Mon 14-Nov-05 12:44:05

What colour exactly is coffee? Can't really imagine it as a nail varnish colour, but maybe I need to get out more!

twirlaround Mon 14-Nov-05 13:03:07

Nail bars are springing up everywhere - even in Debenhams now - am meaning to give them a go!

Dark colours are great for toes but higher maintenance for hands IMO. I find it hard to fit in polish for the hands since being a mother...but can normally get the toes bit going on!

Frenchgirl Mon 14-Nov-05 13:06:35

Am wearing Chanel Koala at the moment on my fingernails, it's my absolute favourite. Chanel is the best for nail varnish I think. I don't wear it all the time but quite regularly. I wear pale natural colours in the summer on hands and feet and dark colours on hands in the winter (feet normally hidden away...)
Koala is almost as dark as Rouge Noir (my ex favourite) but browner. I always have short tidy nails. Also intensely dislike french manicure.

Frenchgirl Mon 14-Nov-05 13:09:07

have a look here, yum

Feistybird Mon 14-Nov-05 13:14:10

EB, my version of 'coffee' is a kind of light brown with just a hint of pink in it....not really coffee I suppose..

expatinscotland Mon 14-Nov-05 14:17:44

I agree w/FrenchGirl, Chanel is the BEST for nail varnish, IMO. It really does last and last. Goes on smoothly as well, and just the right consistency - not to thick or thin.

Accept no substitute.

expatinscotland Mon 14-Nov-05 14:23:11

BTW, 'Vertigo' looks like a lovely shade of coffee. Might have to go and have a look .

Frenchgirl Mon 14-Nov-05 14:24:05

expat you and I agree a lot on style, shall we become the new trinny and susannah?
btw I will have the nice Next shoes tomorrow, had to order them , will update then

sorry for hijack...

expatinscotland Mon 14-Nov-05 14:26:37

Ooo, I have been thinking about those shoes. With a pair of tailored grey trousers. Perhaps an aubergine top . . . and some patterned tights with them.

And Chanel nail varnish, of course

May I congratulate you on your most excellent taste, FrenchGirl .

Early, have you got a Sally's Beauty Supply near you? They can help you get started with supplies for nails and feet.

It's really not hard to do yourself w/a little practice and the right tools.

Well worth it, too.

Gobbledigook Mon 14-Nov-05 14:30:58

Feet - do my own, dark red usually or pillar box red in summer. Think mine are Bourjois ones.

Hands - I have acrylic nails, refills every 3 weeks. They are plain and natural - nail coloured. They don't have tips so they are not 'porn star white' as my nail lady puts it!!

I do like the dark red on finger nails but for me it would only be for goig out cos it chips off and looks yukky so too much work for everyday wear. For some reason it just doesn't look right on me either.

gingerbear Mon 14-Nov-05 14:32:38

Revlon 'Stone Edge' is a great milk chocolate colour. It looks ace on summer feet. If I can be bothered I do my fingernails. Usually bare-nailed though.

Gobbledigook Mon 14-Nov-05 14:32:41

Oh and my finger nails are not long, just neat. Can't be doing with long nails.

cod Mon 14-Nov-05 14:33:08

Message withdrawn

cod Mon 14-Nov-05 14:34:38

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Mon 14-Nov-05 14:34:51

Were your nails all uneven and ragged as well, cod? Were your cuticles nibbled? Shame, shame, shame!

At least you had makeup on .

JoolsToo Mon 14-Nov-05 14:34:57

the first time I wore it was for GDG's wedding when I had my nails 'done' couldn't to a bloomin' thing afterwards and I had a carpet to lay!

I wore it occasionally for work following that but it's too much hassle. Wear on my toes on holiday and that's it.

Bozza Tue 15-Nov-05 10:16:56

Wear on my toes all summer and in winter on the very rare occasions that I might be going out wearing sandles. Hasn't happened yet this winter. Would wear on hands for going out if I had time to apply. That doesn't happen often either! Not practical on hands on a day to day basis for a Mum of young children IME. Like french manicures on hands for a special occasion but not into them on toes.

expatinscotland Sat 19-Nov-05 17:28:50

OMG, FrenchGirl, I just had to stop by the Chanel counter in Debenham's last night, so I had a look at 'Koala'. It's GORGEOUS! Had to buy some. What a beautiful colour.

sparklymieow Sat 19-Nov-05 17:39:49

I wear very very dark reddy brown on my nails every day.

Frenchgirl Sun 20-Nov-05 21:13:11

aahh!! a convert to Koala!! Have you put it on now expat? Do you like it?

bettythebuilder Sun 20-Nov-05 23:07:18

OPI is a great brand. Goes on well and lasts, too - fades at the edges rather than chips, so you can get away with it for a bit longer.
Although if you saw my nails at the moment, you wouldn't think I knew one end of an emery board from another.
They have a colour called Chicago celebation, or something...(where do they get these names from?...) that looks like strong coffee with just a splash of milk.

expatinscotland Mon 21-Nov-05 09:27:46

I love it, FrenchGirl! Just love it. Fabulous on short nails. Really enhances the fingers. Viva Chanel!

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