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Nightdresses (can I put this in S&B ?)

(14 Posts)
tooworried Mon 30-May-11 02:39:06

I always have difficulty finding cotton nightdresses. Not the stretchy kind of cotton as in t-shirts but the kind of cotton that blouses/shirts are made of IYSWIM.

Nice stylish ones with sleeves as I hate my arms being cold in bed.

Anyone seen any? <<runs and hides at asking a question about nighties>>

DuchessEm Mon 30-May-11 09:33:18

I just been having a look for you and it is near impossible!! grin What is your budget? I have a feeling that any cotton nightwear that isn't like this will be £££!!! Just after a quick look, what about something like this, this or this ? Not exactly stylish, but less frumpy than the traditional cotton nighty!

brookeslay Mon 30-May-11 09:41:18

here maybe ?
Have you tried bodas ?

Vizzini Mon 30-May-11 10:45:58

I've got some cotton nightshirts from Tesco blush that are great. Button through, lovely patterns and colours. They aren't the sexiest, but they are comfy and (I think) look cool! I have this one and a few others.

ja9 Mon 30-May-11 10:56:08


i have a couple of lovely ones from la senza but just had a look on their website and they don't seem to do them anymore...

tooworried Mon 30-May-11 11:37:06

no...not what I'm looking for (I have actually looked at most of these in real life).

M & S VERY occasionally do have my very favourite from there about 8 years ago. Twas a beautiful vivid pink, almost Indian style and wonderful (light) quality of cotton. (It died a couple of years ago).

Perhaps I'm odd liking that kind of cotton to sleep in.

Now just having typed that and thinking about it why are all "older" styles of nighties in the nice cotton. Why don't they make funky styles in it too?

tooworried Mon 30-May-11 11:44:51

Duchessem - sorry, initially I only saw your last link.
Your first link might be the kind of thing I'll need to get as my quest for funky nightwear in a nice fabric fails.
I have, however, found out what I need to call the fabric - thanks to your second link. It's cotton poplin!

FrozenChocolate Mon 30-May-11 12:14:05

What about past times? They do lovely Victorian style ones...

tooworried Mon 30-May-11 14:23:42

Ha ha Frozen. I'd forgotten how funky the Victorians were.

ColonelBrandonsBiggestGroupie Mon 30-May-11 14:37:47

M&S and Gap occasionally do lovely cotton ones, like men's shirts.

niminypiminy Mon 30-May-11 16:46:35

Have you looked at Toast? Expensive, but nice. I do love my toast nightie.

franke Mon 30-May-11 16:52:47

What about Zara Home?

tooworried Tue 31-May-11 06:05:25

MMm actually Toast and Zara look they they might have possibilities, at some time (but nothing there at the mo). I'm difficult to please aren't I. Thanks anyway.

LauraIngallsWilder Tue 31-May-11 08:16:59

just marking my place!

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