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Help! What kind of shoes (and accessories) will go with this dress?

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MrsChemist Sun 29-May-11 20:16:15

This dress
It's for a family wedding, and it's the only maternity dress I have that remotely fits the bill (not really in a position to get another dress).
I'm short (just shy of 5ft)and will be 37 weeks pregnant, so of blimp-like proportions (am usually a size 8). The wedding is in August, so hopefully it won't be too cold.

I also wanted an obscenely large hat, but have a feeling it will just leave me looking shorter and more blimp-like, so have sadly vetoed that idea sad

I don't get to dress up often any more and I'll be feeling fat and hideous by then, so would like to look a little bit pretty, just for one day.

Thank you lovely style ladies.

JackieNo Sun 29-May-11 20:18:59

Maybe some red or blue espadrille wedges? Or maybe silver? Will you be OK with heels, or at least a bit of a heel, do you think?

cyb Sun 29-May-11 20:24:40

I LIKE THESE very much They come in hot pink too if you want to add a bit more colour

MrsChemist Sun 29-May-11 20:26:11

I think a bit of a heel will be ok, in fact, anything to add height will be good.

The problem with some wedges is that the strap round the ankle makes my legs look stumpy.

Needless to say, shopping is a PITA when pregnant.

JackieNo Sun 29-May-11 20:28:51

Yes, you might have swollen ankles by then too sad. So no ankle straps? SHame - those ones cyb linked to were great otherwise. Do you have a budget in mind.

MrsChemist Sun 29-May-11 20:32:45

Maybe no more than £50, but could possibly go over for something beautiful, that I know I'd wear again.

MrsChemist Sun 29-May-11 20:34:04

Oh yes, I hadn't factored in the swelling as well. Ankle straps are probably going to be out then sad

They were very nice, and looked like I wouldn't topple over in them either.

JackieNo Sun 29-May-11 20:35:13

Might be a bit too matchy, with the white, but these could work, in the white or the red.
Are these too high?

JackieNo Sun 29-May-11 20:37:14

Fuchsia suede but over budget.

JackieNo Sun 29-May-11 20:39:58

Bargain if you're a size 5 and lots of sizes left in the yellow (it is rather bright!).

JackieNo Sun 29-May-11 20:41:28

Red and not so high

JackieNo Sun 29-May-11 20:47:53

Red again and only a bit over budget.

MrsChemist Sun 29-May-11 21:00:02

Thank you very much smile

I like the fuchsia suede ones, and the ones with the corsage on them. They aren't too far over budget either, though it would depend on how much I spend on headwear. Are fascinators a bit naff?

Fumblina Sun 29-May-11 21:10:52

How about a flower in your hair to match the shoes?

Ooh, I like this one more.

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