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Please help me dress this dress

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ThisIsANiceCage Sun 29-May-11 10:19:28

I've learned soooo much from you wise people, just by lurking, in a bid to finally learn to dress properly now I'm 40 something. I now have an actual Q, if you'd be really kind.

I've just got meself a black M&S shift dress off eBay: asymmetric boat neck, cap sleeves, above the knee.

But... what do I wear over it? A belt? Size? Colour? And actually, tho it seemed a good thing to just have in my wardrobe, when would one actually wear it? Looks way too smart and Mad Men for everyday office wear (not that I'm working atm) - but maybe I'm just a slacker who underestimates back-office workwear.

And I bought it just before that thread about not wearing black if your hair is washed-out mousy. You're so right.confused So bright jewellery or scarf at the neckline seems likely.

I'm hourglass by the way. From the front and, erm, from the side (tummy roll, no arse).

All your thoughts most gratefully received - including "give it to Oxfam".

pink4ever Sun 29-May-11 11:47:16

I have a black shift in my wardrobe from h&m which has worked for me in many ways.
Dinner with friends-wide patent belt, coloured tights and big necklace.
Dinner with husband-blazer over the top,black stockings and subtle jewellery.
Funeral(yes really)-black courts and a classic mac.
School run-knee high boots(both flat and heels),belt and cardigan.
Would also definatly use it for interview if ever go back to work!!.

What size are you(I am a 14 so if you really dont want it....)

ThisIsANiceCage Sun 29-May-11 11:58:01

Ooh, thank you pink. Lots of ideas!

I'm also a 14, so if I can't make it work...

pink4ever Sun 29-May-11 13:59:14

Some more ideas-
thin long sleeved t-shirt or jumper underneath for colder days.
breton tee underneath,black leggings and ballet pumps to dress it down for casual wear.
Brightly coloured shrug/wrap and glam shoes/bag-voila wedding outfit!

ThisIsANiceCage Sun 29-May-11 14:40:10

DP's just read over my shoulder and said, "Time to start shopping!"

He's paying! gringrin <froths>


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