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Prom dress for a teacher?

(2 Posts)
freerangeeggs Sun 29-May-11 01:30:34

Hi everyone, I'm a bit hopeless with formal clothes so I'm hoping some of you lovely ladies will be able to help me out!

Our school prom is coming up and my Y11s have been badgering me to go. TBH I could see it far enough, though it'll be nice to say a proper goodbye to them as they're a nice bunch.

I'll need to buy a dress. I don't mind too much as I need a formal dress anyway and it's the only one I'll be planning to buy for a looong time so I don't mind spending a bit more money on it.

Below is the link to the one I've been looking at. WDYT? What colour of shoes/bag would be best with it? I think nude shoes, but will that be a bit dull? I'd like a splash of colour somewhere...

If anyone has any other dress suggestions please let me know. I'd prefer one with sleeves, that has a bit of structure to it, but still young looking. Have been looking at All Saints etc.

Thanks everyone!,default,pd.html

coansha Mon 30-May-11 00:35:20

It's lovely! You will get lots of wear out of it I expect at xmas & parties too.
Def nude or metalllic/pewter shoes and handbag, what about a faux fur shrug too?? Too much? I'm in very nude phase right now so am out of splashes of colour, I bought a lovely OPI nail varnish called over the taupe, which would work lovely with it.

thought these shoes might match the bling and although sling backs & satin are still nude?? one dress had a leopard print bag if you wanted to go for it.,default,pd.html?cgid=3061
these are the shoes I bought, well exactly like them with tad smaller heel, very nice and can use again with many other things.

2 other dresses to look at but I really love the biba and have biba wallpaper, nothing to do with dress but love her taste.

Good luck with it all

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