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Re. Boden preview- are we mad

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strawberryjelly Sat 28-May-11 10:34:24

to be thinking about autumn /winter in may when we have not even had summer?

it's a good marketing ploy for Boden as we mentally part with ou r money before anyone else has got their collection out- and it gives them an idea of demand. But are we being a tad silly?

thejaffacakesareonme Sat 28-May-11 11:02:23

With the weather we've got today I don't think it is being silly. It is so windy and cold here there's no need for summer clothes.

woopsidaisy Sat 28-May-11 11:20:06

The stuff in the oreview won't be dispatched until end of July. You have three months to return.That takes you up to October.
The 20% discount is good,but they have had plenty of good discount this season too.
I usually just go for the boys trousers etc,things I know that I will be buying. Have also gone for these,as I am sure they will be worn lots.

Cremolafoam Sat 28-May-11 11:25:11

yes we are mad, but in a good way

herecomesthsun Sat 28-May-11 11:28:07

Oh and you don't part with the money till the goods are despatched. You can also cancel the order if you change your mind. and if you swap for something else you can still get the 20% discount off the exchanged item.

However I may well wait for the November reductions which were very good last yeaar and/or the sales.

herecomesthsun Sat 28-May-11 11:29:45

PS are they seriously sold out of those woolly hats already!!

dexter73 Sat 28-May-11 11:35:03

I imagine they aren't made in the smaller size, herecomesthsun.

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