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Can anyone recommend a 'make up' tan for legs?

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suebfg Fri 27-May-11 22:09:02

My legs are really white. Sometimes I can't wait for the tan to develop with the likes of Johnsons etc. Are there any good make up products that I can use instead and then wash off at the end of the day?

Elemental Fri 27-May-11 22:12:14

Sali Hughes looked at them in the Guardian the other week -here

suebfg Fri 27-May-11 22:15:45

Oooh great thanks

cyb Fri 27-May-11 22:16:39

I've always like Rimmmel stuff

I have got Sally Hansen but applying it is more of a faff

vanillamum Sun 29-May-11 21:49:38

I use rimmel too it is ok does the job can go a bit tangoed if not careful

Havingkittens Sun 29-May-11 21:51:26

MAC's Face & Body foundation is really nice.

KittySpencer Sun 29-May-11 21:59:08

superdrug's own brand one is great - really easy to apply, looks natural and costs less than a fiver! smile

emsyj Sun 29-May-11 22:07:45

Agree the Rimmel sunshimmer wash-off one is great. I think the shimmer one (rather than matte) is easier to get a good finish with, surprisingly. And it's not too 'glittery'. Lovely for a night out and stays on til you wash it off with soap.

berri Mon 30-May-11 14:36:37

I bought the Airbrush Legs a couple of weeks ago, thought it was great.

Pinkflipflop Mon 30-May-11 14:41:46

this instant tan is amazing

I use it all over on days when I need a tan fast and it genuinely doesn't come off on your clothes - super stuff.

theothermrsclooney Mon 30-May-11 18:39:56

This Works Perfect Legs gives a really natural glow (even on my pasty legs)plus treats bruises etc as it contains arnica. I LOVE it! £5 off at Boots at the moment with the voucher in Boots health and beauty magazine.

MissFoodie Mon 30-May-11 21:24:13

I've just been sent Bourjois spray on tan and used on legs, mine are milky white, and it's good actually, plus smells nice

suebfg Fri 03-Jun-11 19:12:31

Thanks for the suggestions. I bought the Fake Bake one and the Rimmel.

The Rimmel is fab for my white legs. The Fake Bake (despite being twice the price of Rimmel) makes no impact at all on my legs but does add quite a nice glow to my face and arms which have a bit of colour.

So Rimmel gets the thumbs up!!

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