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Whether you’re a beauty novice or a confirmed fashionista, this topic is for consulting Mumsnetters on all things style-related. Plus, check out our Swears By page for the inside track on the next Mumsnet must-have.

Colour blocks, Maxi frocks, AVID & WISE we really rock.

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everyspring Mon 23-May-11 19:49:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notyummy Mon 23-May-11 19:58:38


Fingers crossed for you Apuski!

Thanks for the thread Every.

Your trip sounds great Portia.

And yes, I can empathise on the stressed mummy thing. I am genreally alright at the beginning of the week but by Thursday I am tired and so is DD. Cue shouty mummy arriving..... Getting better I think, but not completely beaten. I have found myself bellowing 'DO NOT SHOUT AT ME.' hmm

These have arrived...and I actually think I like them with the leg rolled down. I ordered the 10 and 12 and I think will keep both (10 was reduced to £6.) 10 slightly too small, 12 slightly big...however they are denim and are likely to stretch so I may get more wear out of the 10 in the end. I also got this bikini which I am keeping. I have another on order from Figleaves and suspect I will end up with both!

everyspring Mon 23-May-11 20:08:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

carciofi Mon 23-May-11 20:13:44

Everysprng, I like the title!

Apuski, I hate phone interviews but I bet you got on well.

Fritzi, I was always nervous handing in my notice but you have to do what is best for you. Your boss will get over it. Belated happy birthday to your dd.

NY, nice shopping. Have you booked summer holidays?

Portia, have fun at the Chelsea flower show. I went with a couple of friends a few years ago and drank quite a lot of Pimms. Forgot about that drink, I must get some in for the summer. The Boden 25% discount is DUAF.

Rufus, the makeover sounds fun.

Yes, I have quite a little pile of new clothes lined up. An incentive to get back to normal size asap! Weight gain is now 2 stone. hmm

redllamayellowllama Mon 23-May-11 20:17:18

Thanks every!

Portia, your trip sounds fab, would love to go and noises why I haven't yet. I'm determined to get myself to Hay-on-Wye next year.

Fritzi, am of the absence makes the heart grow fonder persuasion, hope getting to Thursday doesn't drag. So glad DD's birthday weekend was a success. Is your mind now made up about leaving?

Apuski - I hate phone interviews. So hard to gauge what to say without body language to help you know when to elaborate and when to keep quiet. Fingers crossed.

Love the sound of your new shorts every.

Speaking of Chambray, Dsis bought a fab jumpsuit yesterday in Zara - strapless and lelasticated at top and round middle - slouchy, yet uber-flattering. It isn't online, but am sure some of you ladies would love it.

redllamayellowllama Mon 23-May-11 20:21:18

Carciofi that is nothing. You'll be sporting the new wardrobe in next to no time. I remember taking pair of chinos into the Topshop changing room to try on at 38 weeks and the sales assistant was aghast! if ever there's a time to have a lovely new range clothes to sport, it's post-preg. Don't make the sme mistake I made post-DS and try to get into skinnies (or houlihans grin) on day 3. Oh, how I wept.

wideawakenurse Mon 23-May-11 20:30:20

Thank you everyspring for a great title.

Portia, have a wonderful time at Chelsea. I saw some clips this am on the news, there are some wonderful gardens this year.

Fritzi Sorry to hear work is still difficult for you, and that you are missing DH. Think how that home coming will be all the sweeter!

NY I totally agree about Thursdays, and I don't have half the pressures you do either. I get a surge of energy again on Friday at work, but am ready to collapse Friday evening. DS has taken to not going yo bed until 8pm which is then pushing back all the other evening chores. I like that bikini, by the way. Are you booked up for some wear this summer?

Fingers crossed for you Apuski.

carciofi I agree, you have some lovely clothes to wear after the birth.

I left the house this morning feeling fairly styled, in Houlihans, a sheer white blouse, blazer and my gap print scarf. Then changed at work into hideous uniform and found massive ladder in my tights. Felt scruffy all day.

It's all about the glamour here smile

PORTIA4 Mon 23-May-11 20:44:26

Thanks ladiesgrin but with the ash cloud heading this way, I may be going nowhere!
Carciofi Thanks for code, 'just ordered Bloss' sundress!

blossoming Mon 23-May-11 21:03:06

I didn't realise there was a code portia. What I did was 'befriend' Boden on Facebook, and clicked on a link from there. I had a few things in my basket and they're sold out by now! I really don't need anything from there. Do I?
I have absolutely no money though, so that's an end to that. Any money I get is going on swimwear, trilby and scarf from White Co!

Well done on your shopping notyummy. Glad you got a bikini in the end.

Great title everyspring.

wideawake, I put dd down at 7, and she was still jabbering down the monitor at 8.30! Talking about 'potataoes' and 'bow wows'. So cute. ( I may have let her nap too long at lunchtime, have been MN'ing loads today blush)

rufus, how exciting about the makeover. You must tell us all about it.

I am on a mission to get ollie into a jumpsuit! The one you mention sounds great redllama.
I was in pre-pregnancy clothes really quickly after ds, then because dc2 was in icu and I was running around a massive hospital all day, I was in my beloved 7s in 2 weeks. I put serious poundage on with dc3. The thought of being that weight again appalls me.

Emo76 Mon 23-May-11 21:15:32

Portia enjoy the flower show - it's just down the road from me - very envious, I keep meaning to get tickets each year and then forgetting and then it's sold out! ENJOY!

notyummy I've been there...and I work full time! Hard but fulfilling work this parenting lark.

Had a lovely birthday today - cake and card at work, dinner with my family and some lovely gifts - Fenwick voucher (what to buy?!), bangle from DH, flowers and "make a cardboard dinasour" from DD1.

Aghast at "The Hotel Inspector".... have met Alex Polizzi in RL, lovely lady.

blossoming Mon 23-May-11 21:29:42

Some lovely stuff in Fenwick emo. Perfect for a nice browse! Glad you had a good birthday.

everyspring Mon 23-May-11 21:32:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OllieWollieWoo Mon 23-May-11 21:41:03

<<ears prick up at Red's mention of chambray and jumpsuit in the same sentence>>

Leave it with me - I'm onto it!

FritziGreenEyes Mon 23-May-11 21:43:22

everyspring Thanks for starting new thread!

Is anyone actually doing any serious colour blocking à la Zara?

emo Sounds like a perfect birthday!

ollie You would look great in a jumpsuit! To dress it down you could always wear it with flat sandals and denim jacket on holiday.

Thanks for all your kind words re DH and work. It is actually nice to miss him as we had a good weekend and I am looking forward to seeing him again, which is not always the case when things are difficult.

red Yes, I am going to leave my job. I just feel so under pressure whenever I'm there (or even when I'm not there) and I put in far more time and energy than I get out of it.

bloss So now you are even friends with J.B. on FB grin. Have just watched first episode of US Biggest Loser ever and I am hooked! Will get my Shred DVD asap.

OllieWollieWoo Mon 23-May-11 21:54:42

I really should get to bed but this is the Next one (chambray of course) I've been clicking on (maybe too baggy around waist area?)
Also like it in taupe here

This is the NL one i tried on with tapered legs in grey - looked better with the waist pulled down a bit - but then at risk of boobs spilling out!

Great title everyspring
Glad DD had a lovely bday Fritzi - sorry you are missing DH.
Off to bed now. Honest!

FritziGreenEyes Mon 23-May-11 22:01:53

ollie NL link takes me to "drop crotch trousers" grin

blossoming Mon 23-May-11 22:06:10

You are going to look terrific in any of them ollie.

Ooh, which series fritzi? I am friends with Jillian Michaels too. And NetaPorter!!

redllamayellowllama Mon 23-May-11 22:19:21

OWW the Zara one is basically the same as the Next one, but with elasticated cuffs at the bottom of the trouser leg, which I think I prefer. Annoying that it isn't online. Was in the Zara nearest to Selfridges, but that is no help to you at all!

everyspring Mon 23-May-11 22:24:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FritziGreenEyes Tue 24-May-11 07:40:44

In doctor's waiting room for check-up. Will pop into Zara later and see if I can find jumpsuit for Ollie.

Everyspring love your colour block outfit but I just noticed that I don't have enough coloured clothes to even attempt that look.

Bloss it's series 11. Will continue watching tonight blush

Have good days everyone!

blossoming Tue 24-May-11 08:25:12

How is that possible fritzi. We only just saw series 9 here!! Why are we so behind you?
Have a nice morning all.
Nappy alert here.

OllieWollieWoo Tue 24-May-11 08:48:37

Portia - hope you make it to Chelsea - I'd love to go. I really like watching the coverage on the BBC.

Found another nice fashion blog - includes lots of pics taken in changing rooms in high street shops so you can really see what the clothes look like on

As one of the Class Mums, I have to organise end of year presents for the 2 class teachers - both from the whole class and from the Group 2 kids that will leave the class (class is mix of Groups 1 and 2). Funny how everyone has an opinion on what we should do or buy but no-one wants to actually help! So, we are going with an apron with a pic of the Group 2 kids scanned onto it along with their handprints and a basket of High Tea goodies such as a small teapot, recipe book, cupcake cases and of course more of my flippin scones and shortbread (not my idea I hasten to add, other Class Mums - Dutchies can't get enough of scones it seems!)
Dutch homework calls.

FritziGreenEyes Tue 24-May-11 08:54:11

Bloss it's not on tv here but you can download it. Will double-check if 11 is right though, numbers are not my strongest point smile. Half of the contestants are training with Jillian and her side-kick, the others have a set of new trainers plus 4 weeks immunity.

My doc's appointment was over so quick that the shops are not even open yet. Sipping lovely latte macchiato outside. Has anyone read Little Bee? I picked it up the other day after a friend recommended it. Just finished The Help which was a good read. Didn't like The Slap though. Next on my wishlist are the Cazalet Chronicles.

OllieWollieWoo Tue 24-May-11 09:00:29

Not read LIttle Bee Fritzi but read The Other Hand by the same author - v powerful.
Just ordered When God Was A Rabbit as a possible Book Club choice and our next choice is Nothing To Envy - Real Lives in North Korea which looks like a good read too - v different from what I would usually read.
I love getting to the shops early - can't be doing with queing for changing rooms etc! Have fun.

carciofi Tue 24-May-11 09:07:11

Fritzi, I bought that book the other day but haven't read it yet. It is called The Other Hand here. The characters in The Slap were so unpleasant, I was glad to see the back of them!

Ollie, I like the jumpsuits. Your scones sound delish. I still haven't made them but ration myself to one a week from the cafe around the corner. If I made a dozen I would eat them all and that won't help me back into my skinny jeans. wink Red, I will wait at least a week before I try! I know I sound vain but it would get me down to be in maternity jeans for the summer.

Belated happy birthday, Emo. Fenwicks has fab accessories.

Everyspring, I like the sound of shorts with high heels and lots of gold. It would certainly enliven toddler group.

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