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Clip in hair extensions? Bear with me, please!

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Wankfrippery Tue 17-May-11 10:03:36

Okay this sounds a bit chavtastic I know, but really I'm not. I'm not looking to add any length to my hair, but I'm wondering if something clip in is a way of adding easy volume. I'm very keen to see if a couple of not too wide not too long wefts of hair added to the under layers at each side and maybe one at the back gives me more root lift and a little bit more volume to the body of my hair. I seem to spend ages before a night out teasing my roots and blow drying and effing around trying to give me a bit more volume and its rather tedious and then ends up flopping half the time anyway.

I've had a little browse around various websites but its a bit of a minefield for someone like me who has no idea... I need something styleable (so you can use GHD's on it, as I add waves to my natural hair with GHD's) and something that can be cut to length. Ideally someone would tell me of a shop in London where you can go in, have a consultation where they try a few things on you, do a colour match, cut it to size if necessary and you buy it and walk away with your new hair enhancement if you like it.

Does such a place exist?

Failing that, does anyone else use these for this purpose or know about hair extensions, and have any advice or tips? I'd be happy enough to buy off a website if they gave returns on the wrong colour if unopened and had a good range of different lengths and widths of weft, because I can wing it on the legnth and width, but do need to get the colour right...

I really dont want to look like a WAG, I just want a bit of root lift and a little more volume in the body of my natural hair, probably just for nights out or special days.

Thank you wise ones...

ChippedChinaTeaCup Tue 17-May-11 10:10:58

If you're in London there's a place called PAK on Stroud Green Road, close to Finsbury Park Station.

they have a wig shop on one side of the road and another with hair extensions and stuff opposite.

contact details

willybreeder Tue 17-May-11 13:12:20

Hi, We use clip in hair extensions when doing bridal hair ups and they look great (Not chav if you have them trimmed first. Starts to look chav when you want the hair to your nipple effect)! You can buy them for around £18 a packet in Sallys (google it) They have a variety of hair shades and you'd probably need 2.
Hope that helps smile

Wankfrippery Tue 17-May-11 13:20:08

Thanks so much for these ladies! x

Tourelles Tue 17-May-11 18:07:07

This place -

Expensive, but good, they have a salon in top shop ox circus, I have a winge, its great!

FashionGirl123 Tue 21-Jun-11 07:58:20

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

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