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I love this dress, but I its too £££; for me :(

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AutumnWitch Sat 14-May-11 13:25:19

I tried this on the other day - here.

It fitted beautifully and made me look, tall, elegant and glamorous (the opposite of normalgrin). I have a real problem getting dresses to fit - need room for the bust, but smaller of waist/hip.

Could anyone point me to something similar, but a bit less expensive?

Alternatively a discount code would help


mmmwine Sat 14-May-11 13:34:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mmmwine Sat 14-May-11 13:35:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FauxFox Sat 14-May-11 13:59:15

this has same shape but very different fabric...

if you really love the one in phase 8 can you ebay some old clothes to raise the cash?

Mumswang Sat 14-May-11 14:02:00

Phase eight have v good sales if you can hold your nerve. The only time I bought something full price in there it had 70% off a few weeks later

AutumnWitch Sat 14-May-11 14:22:21

Thanks Fox, I actually tried that one one, but it didn't fit as well.

I could probably justify the expense if I had lots of special events coming up. It's just one of those rare moments when you find something really nice...

I may hold on for the sale (and the invites!) - fingers crossed

Jellymane Sat 14-May-11 16:29:07

This is verysimilar but not much cheaper at £75. There was a 20% off promotion for students on the website though - if you're not one, you might know someone who is?
Also Phase Eight often seem to have discount codes quite regularly, so you could keep your eyes open for one of those?

Swedes2 Sat 14-May-11 19:28:53

Couldn't you buy it and not eat for a few days? If you love it so much and it makes you feel good it seems a shame to miss out. Cuold you ask your parents/husband/brothers/sisters for an early Birthday/Christmas present?

dexter73 Sat 14-May-11 19:47:46

I have tried on that dress and it is absolutely gorgeous! If possible then I would get it if I were you, and then eat beans for the next month! Phase Eight clothes are very good quality and wash very well (in the machine even though they say hand wash!!).

IhateRedSave Sat 14-May-11 20:53:19

It's a lovely dress. No advice re budget, but probably worth the money even if you're gonna wear it once.

AutumnWitch Sat 14-May-11 20:57:03

Just about to stock up on beans and found they've sold out in my size online angry.

Now I regret not going for it the first time.

Fingers crossed they still have it in the shop...

Thanks for helping me decide smile

Vix1980 Sun 15-May-11 13:52:14


If you still havent bought this yet just wanted to let you know that john lewis have concessions of phase 8 in their stores and they currently have 20% off in a price match promotion, its not on their website as i just looked for you but my friend bought it in store (liverpool) last week for a wedding - and your right it is amazing on, so much that i now want one too!

AutumnWitch Sun 15-May-11 21:35:54

Thanks Vix - where I am P8 and JL are a few steps apart smile

SilentSinger Mon 30-May-11 18:25:43

Did you buy the dress in the end AutumnWitch?

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