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Despite being totally broke, I have decided to spend my birthday present money from my mum&dad on big earrings.....who wants to help me look?

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KatyMac Fri 13-May-11 20:50:48

I can spend £75-£100

I will want to see them in real life before I buy them (I'm in Norfolk)

& I want big amethysts (as I wear a lot of purple) in gold (I'm allergic to other metals)

So where do I start?

KatyMac Wed 18-May-11 21:42:45


dexter73 Wed 18-May-11 22:29:34

Is £75 enough to get big amethyst gold earrings?

KatyMac Wed 18-May-11 22:34:09

Well maybe medium sized ones?

ElenStone Tue 24-May-11 12:56:18

£75 would be more than enough if you have them made for you as the mark up in shops tends to be fairly high. I'd suggest discussing some designs and getting a mock-up pair made using gold-plated findings/purple zirconia, then you can see what the earrings would look like without committing to spending a lot.

I tend to do the first mock-up design for £10 and subtract that from the price of the earrings, so there's no risk to the client. I'm not working on any other commissions at the moment, so I'd be more than happy to talk over some designs with you and see what we can come up with smile

KatyMac Wed 01-Jun-11 18:31:01

Oh I didn't see this Elen, how exciting

Emo76 Thu 02-Jun-11 07:49:28

Not sure what is in your budget, but Alex Monroe does some lovely pieces if you google him -think dragonflies, bees, feathers etc

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