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Finally went to Bravissimo today.....

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virgo1979 Tue 10-May-11 18:37:07

and finally know what bra size i am meant to be.... (am a 32g, was wearing a 38dd confused )anyway my question is this, how do bravissimo bra sizes translate to other stores such as M&S? I need some new bras, but at £30 a pop cant afford to get them all from there, so am I ok to get some from M&S etc?

Sorry for the ramble...

captainbarnacle Tue 10-May-11 18:40:15

Congrats! smile

You are fine buying from other stores - but the important thing is the fit of the bra, not just its size.

At least you have more of an idea of what to try on in high street stores now.

TBH once you have worn a correctly fitting bra, then a lot of the high street stuff tends to pale in comparison.

You should go into M+S and try on some 32G, 34F etc sizes and see what M+S size you are. Also, I found their Per Una bras didn't fit as well as their other lines - there is a huge discrepancy when it comes to bra sizes!

brighthair Tue 10-May-11 19:23:12

Ebay. I know that Panache bras fit me, Freya don't so I just search on Ebay and usually find a fair bit cheaper.

WillbeanChariot Tue 10-May-11 19:36:37

Debenhams is better than M&S for bigger cup sizes I think. I'm also a 32/34G. Their own range is good and also you get some good brands in the sale if you are prepared to rummage.

Weirdly Freya and Panache both fit me! Not the plunge ones though.

EldonAve Tue 10-May-11 19:39:20

figleaves is good - usually you can find a discount code

Scaredycat3000 Tue 10-May-11 19:47:57

Personally I would forget M&S. I used to be a 32ff, before DS, and found their bras just didn't have enough support, currently a 34hh and don't even bother looking! The thing with bravissimo are their bras are sort of tried and tested IYSWIM and good quality brands. All the brands sold in Bravissimo are what should be industry standard (except panache go one size up in the back and one down in the cup), but as with clothes when you start shopping elsewhere you need to use 32G as a starting point. For last seasons big brand names try and Debenhams own brand are much cheaper but sizes and quality can be all over the place, but has regular reductions on brand names. I quickly found out that I should but don't spend the money on good brands.

bilblio Tue 10-May-11 19:56:02

I've given up on M&S too, they just don't stock the bigger sizes. John Lewis and Debenhams stock Freya and Panache bras so's I've managed to get my size from those shops, they're the same price as Bravissimo but a bit easier to get to. As others say it's the bra, and make rather than the actual size.

Freya bras are comfy everyday bras for me. With Panache I'm a different size, they aren't quite so comfy, but they're perfect for some added boost on a night out. grin

thisishowifeel Tue 10-May-11 20:27:37

I did the Bravissimo thing, and then tried to buy other, cheaper bras, which now sit in a drawer. M&S is a waste of time for bigger cup sizes I think.

I got the code number of my favourite and googled it, and found it a bit cheaper from various places. Although, after adding on the P&P, I ended up going into town and getting it from Bravissimo anyway. Maybe at different times of the year I'd be luckier?

Think of it in terms of price per wear. I can't bear an uncomfy bra now.

Eglu Tue 10-May-11 20:30:10

I really wouldn't bother with M&S at all now you have been measured properly. YOu will porbably find they don't do your size anyway. They are one of the stores that think if you are a large cup size then you must be a 34 back at least. I would recommend Brastop too, and Bravissimo and figleaves sales. Just buy less bras and have the better quality ones.

virgo1979 Tue 10-May-11 22:09:02

Oh thanks everyone. Appreciate your comments. I did buy a Panache bra from Bravissimo today as a sort of treat, so will look online for some more of those.

One thing though, I first tried on a bra in a nude colour and then in a black which was really tight (nude one was perfect fit). The lovely lady who was fitting me said 'oh black sometimes does come up small.....' she was so lovely and helpful so i really didnt want to ask 'how on earth does the colour of the bra affect the fit??!'

scotsgirl23 Tue 10-May-11 23:07:46

the black thing is actually true! It's something to do with the way the dye affects the properties of the fabric and its stretch if I remember correctly. I've frequently found the black version of a bra to be smaller - go figure!

trixymalixy Tue 10-May-11 23:11:18

I get measured in bravissimo, try lots on, and then buy on eBay.

ettiketti Wed 11-May-11 05:41:11

Good luck finding a 32G anywhere like M&S I am a 34H and its hell angryFreya fit me really well PAnache dont' at all, its trial and error. Even Asda do a few upto J cup for about 6UKP if you want a load of cheapo ones to pad out the colours, some are rubbish but the black one with white edging is very supportive and makes my boobs look ACE grin

Ebay is great too, esp for bikini tops smile

scotsgirl23 Wed 11-May-11 07:42:29

Ettiketti the Debenhams gorgeous range has just extended up to an H cup - might be worth a look as when I was in store the other day it was free pants when you buy the bra, and the bras were £18. I was in a hurry so I only tried on my normal Freya size and the back was way too small (i.e. by about 4 inches!) so you might have to size up, but I reckon if I went up in the back they'd probably be quite good.

Going to try some on today so will report back if they can be made to work - they had some plunges which would be a nice novelty. I can't wear panache either and it's really restrictive!

BornAgainBitch Wed 11-May-11 08:19:07

Yeah, eBay. I'm a 30G and have bought loads of bras from eBay. All of them have been fine. And cheap.

sprinkles77 Wed 11-May-11 14:12:33

FFS forget fucking M&S. their bras are shit shit shit. go to sign up to their newsletter for voucher codes. they have all bravissimo's old stuff. Their stock changes all the time so if they don't have what you want, keep looking. They have Panache from about £12, as well as Fantasie and Freya.

scotsgirl23 Wed 11-May-11 15:22:35

The debenhams gorgeous range (I'm normally a 30h-ish), even after mucking around to find the one that fitted right, is RUBBISH if you are normally a Freya wearer. They just kind of sit ON your boobs, rather than actually lifting them in any way shape or form.

thelambliesdown Wed 11-May-11 18:38:31

36 gg here and M and S are a complete waste of space. Have found Fantasie at Debenhams to be fantastic and they wash well and last ages.I too baulk at the prices, but feel it is worthwhile for the proper support-stops my back aching as much! I wish M and S would sort this out-their 'supposedly' large sizes are sized nowhere near other makes and they are missing out on a large market!-in both senses!!!

Butterbur Wed 11-May-11 18:44:26

Not sure M&S want the large market do they? Weren't they trying to charge more for larger size bras not long ago? They were forced to back down by the outcry. Perhaps this is their way of not giving in to the protesters.

jugglingjo Wed 11-May-11 18:55:59

Sorry, this is a bit cheeky, but I seem to be the other end of the spectrum from most of you ladies, with a broad back and small boobs, the comfy bra I'm wearing says 40B, but could try a 38A - like many could do with a proper fitting wink

But (the cheeky bit) can't help but be amazed that anyone could be say a 30H.
You must be all boobs and no back ! blush
Sorry, that's probably really rude of me blush

AnnDaloozier Wed 11-May-11 18:56:25

is always the way down back up cup

suzikettles Wed 11-May-11 19:03:05

juggline jo, it doesn't really work that way.

An H cup with a 30 back is nowhere near as big in the cup as an H cup with a 40 back.

Someone with a 34 inch back and the same size breasts as you would wear something like a 34DD.

I'm a 34F and although I've got pretty big boobs, I can still wear a size 14 top, or a size 12 if it's not got buttons.

scotsgirl23 Wed 11-May-11 19:03:59

If you are a 40b then you would try more like a 38c - as the above poster says, down back, up cup. Basically, the underwire is the same on a 30h, 32ff, 34f, 36e, 38dd, 40d etc etc. So if the cup feel right (no spillage or gaping) but the back isn't firm enough, then go down one back, up one cup, and see how that feels.

30H sounds like a freaky size but it's not, honestly! If you have bigger boobs you do tend to have to wear your bras a bit snugger, and someone pointed out on another thread that the bigger your knockers are, the further down your ribcage the band will sit and that gets narrower towards the bottom too. When I'm not carrying a stone of post baby weight I'm more like a 28j.

jugglingjo Wed 11-May-11 19:32:02

Thanks for the friendly, informative - and helpful, replies smile

moragbellingham Wed 11-May-11 19:43:02

* Virgo* - I don't usually pay full price for my bras (unless I want matching knickers).

They are always Freya and i have paid from £6 to £18 as I buy in the sales at JL or H of F. I am quite happy to have last years colours and when I find a style that fits I buy it in every colour I can find on the internet too. Places like Leialingerie are good.

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