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Items of clothing that are ALMOSTwonderful

(9 Posts)
cyb Tue 03-May-11 20:59:00

this dress looks great on, really flattering, lovely heavy jersey


They ahve put one of those stupid slashes down the back which woudl show my grey bra strap and back jowls



dexter73 Tue 03-May-11 21:04:16

That is a lovely dress - could you sew up the slash or sew in a bit of fabric?

cyb Tue 03-May-11 21:04:52

Yes I did think about that. But I hate clothes I have to faff around with

<cuts off nose to spite face>

dexter73 Tue 03-May-11 21:07:05

I know what you mean. It pees me off that you have to alter stuff but then again, if it is that great, and it is only £24.99 it is probably worth it,

cyb Tue 03-May-11 21:07:38

Hmm youre making me reconsider

dexter73 Tue 03-May-11 21:12:56

It would only take 10 mins to sew it up! Go on - worth a try!

madammecholet Wed 04-May-11 09:35:59

seriously, just sew it up.....lovely dress.

tulpe Wed 04-May-11 10:31:37

Sew it, Cyb. Tis a mere 20 minutes work at most smile

Or, brave it and show your bra. I have a royal blue top that has the same back and I wear it with a matching bra. Admittedly, I do only do so when I have a tan wink

cyb Sat 28-May-11 22:47:25

I bought it. I LOVE IT. I dont care if my bra shows

I got it in the sale too!

<happy sigh>

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