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Amberc Thu 28-Apr-11 21:26:30

Has anyone had one - any advice on choosing a surgeon and questions to ask?

Amberc Fri 29-Apr-11 15:24:36

Should I be on a different board?

Pussinbooties Fri 29-Apr-11 20:18:06

Hi I've had one done about ten years ago, was absolutely the best money I've ever spent but then my nose was so bad people assumed I'd had an accident grin
I went to my gp who set me up with a surgeon. A good one should make sure any changes still suit your face, I still look like me even though mine was a massive change.(I didn't tell my best friend and she didn't notice!)
If you have any questions ask away grin

Amberc Sat 30-Apr-11 14:51:41

I have been looking at private hospitals and checking through the surgeons to see if they are registered with BAAPS. I have found one I like the look of who has done stuff on TV as well (strangely I think that must make him OK). I haveb;t spoken to the GP though - should I?

Also someone I spoke to once who had one said she wished she had gone more 'pretty' with her nose rather than natural. I was just going to get the bump removed and the tip a bit slimmer. Thoughts?

brookeslay Sat 30-Apr-11 15:43:41

I hate my nose too its okay on the front but on the side it looks too squashy on the tip. I like the Royal brides nose, but wonder if I could get mine less squashy. MYy DP says he likes my nose but I am self concious.

How much was it if you don`t mind that question Pussbooties

CointreauVersial Sat 30-Apr-11 18:55:27

I had mine done on the NHS when I was 21 - it wasn't too bad tbh, but my GP happily referred me after I said it made me miserable, and after three years on the waiting list the phone rang, and I was under the knife (or should I say hammer and chisel? shock) 24 hours later. Best thing I ever did.

I would always start with GP.

thomasbodley Sat 30-Apr-11 18:56:27

I hate my nose too. It's too broad and makes me look piggy, although I've learnt how to reduce its size with shading make-up over the years.

I've heard very good things about Professor Peter Butler - he's actually a reconstructive surgeon so very experienced. He works at the Chelsea & Westminster I think, and will be the man I pick if I do go for it.

Puss How much did it hurt after the operation? How bloody was it? How long before the bandages can be removed? How long for the bruising and swelling to go?

brookeslay Sat 30-Apr-11 20:08:07

I can`t stand katie price but I do think her nose job is good. Bad nose jobs are
Cilla, jody marsh and dale winton.

Pussinbooties Sat 30-Apr-11 20:43:01

Hi I had a big bump removed which also made it narrower and the tip made less pointy.
It cost £2700 but this was 10 years ago (would have paid double that to be honest)
After the op I was pretty out of it for the evening but fine by morning and ok to go home. Surprising it didn't hurt at all in general but if I had knocked it I would have passed out I think! So you just have to take it easy.

Bandages came off after 10 days I think and it was fine to touch by then.
I didn't get black eyes or much swelling so I looked normal then too.

I was prepared to look different so that was ok but the weirdest thing was how different it felt to touch, took me a very long time to get used to that but in a good way grin

CointreauVersial Sat 30-Apr-11 20:57:34

My experience was pretty similar to Puss's - I had a bump taken out and the end made less bulbous (how attractive was I?).

It didn't hurt as such, but I did feel a bit battered and bruised, and I certainly ended up with the most spectacular black eyes. The worst bit was when they pulled these giant tampons out of my nostrils the morning after the op - it was like a magician pulling hankies out of a hat, it went on and on!

Once the anaesthetic effects had gone out of my system I was able to carry on with normal life, although I stayed indoors for a few days in case I scared small children.

They took the "beak" off after 10 days, and although there was still some swelling I could immediately see the improvement and couldn't stop smiling. The end of my nose was numb for a long time afterwards, and even now, years later, it feels a little dead. But I'm not an eskimo, so I can live with that.

TheSmallClanger Sat 30-Apr-11 21:46:18

My brother had one. It was a reconstruction after an accident, but he had always been self-conscious about his crooked nose, and wanted it straightened out in the process.
The reconstruction was a success, but due to the underlying bone structure and facial muscle, the straightening only lasted a couple of months. Once it had healed fully, it was nearly as crooked as before.

brookeslay Sun 01-May-11 10:28:03

Cointreau how to they slim the bulbous might isn`t that bad but definetely needs refining. I don`t have any bumps but i think the tip might need changing.

I want it natural and not look done, did any surgeaon draw a picturE or show a computer generated image of the new nose ?

KingCnut Sun 01-May-11 12:25:09

I've had two: the last one being in early March. Originally, I also had a bulbous tip and a bump in my nose (from an accident when I was little)

The first operation worked well initially, but because I had a deviated septum to start with, the bump reappeared on one side after a few months which is why I needed it done again. After the first op I was suprised by how little pain, swelling, or bruising there was, the second one was much more invasive however and by God, I looked and felt so much worse. (this time the sugeon needed to break my nose during the op, and revisions are always much more complicated because of the scar tissue)

Rhinoplasty is apparently the most complicated of all cosmetic procedures and the one where there is the highest chance of the need for a revision (even if you have no previous damage to your nose) so I'd say that its very important to take this in to consideration when you're selecting a surgeon and hospital: the entire cost of my revision was taken on by the cosmetic group I went with, but I've come across lots of people (online) whose surgeon costs for the revision was free but they still had to pay the hospital/ anaesthetist costs (around £1000).

Please also bear in mind that there may be limitations to the final result, we can never just select a nose and expect to end up with that exactly. Everybody's noses and faces are different, and a good surgeon would be keen to make sure that the final result would be still in line with your other facial features.

FWIW, I went with the Harley Medical Group and my surgeon was Dr Solomos. I was very happy with him, he was lovely and took loads of time listening to me about exactly what I wanted and talking through the procedure. They don't generate an image but he stood me in front of a mirror with a peice of card showing me where the reductions would be to give me an idea. The total cost to me was £4000.

Despite all my doom and gloom talk, I'm finally very happy with my nose (I spent so many years hating it and feeling miserable) so I would definately recommend it, it's just that of course it takes a lot of thought.

HTH smile

Amberc Sun 01-May-11 12:27:02

Oh I now think I want princess kate's nose!

brookeslay Sun 01-May-11 12:50:31

I suspose it a love/hate sometimes it gets me down also it my fathers nose and I disliked him.

I do know someone who had her nose job i think it looked too straight severe but she loved it and said she couldn`t stop smiling.

lovingthesun Sun 01-May-11 20:59:22

Go to your dr but also check out the BAAPS site. I've had 2 but I have a very complicated nose. I look better & it's a relief not being self conscious of it. Dh says that when we kiss he doesn't feel it on his cheek anymore.

Consider choosing a surgeon fairly close to home, otherwise getting home can be difficult. I think I had an overnight stay, no pain that i remember & nothing stuck up my nose.

Bear in mind they can't perform miracles & whilst I'd love a nose like Kate, it's never gonna happen.

Best of luck.

Amberc Sun 01-May-11 21:29:33

No I'll never get a nose like Kate either! Mine is the image of my dads and he was from Malta where the noses are roman/Arab. My mum had a tiny button nose which my daughter has inherited. Thankfully none of my dcs have inherited the Maltese nose gene. I hate my nose so much I hardly ever am in photos and I cringe if I see myself from the side. Once I drew a line down my nose in black eyeliner and coloured over the bump and stood in profile against a black background with a mirror. It was amazing seeing myself with a smaller straight nose and that's what has made me want to fo it. There's a good chance I'll get married next year and u want it to be healed up by then and to have nice pics to remember it by.

I'll have a look at the harley medical group site - thanks for the positive stories and advice!

lovingthesun Mon 02-May-11 09:20:20

I'd did the exact same thing with the eyeliner !

Make sure you see before & after photos too.

garciasangria Mon 02-May-11 16:09:01

Haha, curious about make up tips to slim down my broad bumpy nose, I found a link to these

Am torn between hmm shock and omg omg might these work, should I buy them!!!!!!

Amberc Tue 03-May-11 06:03:14

Give them a go and then let everyone know if they work! The before and after pics look good!

michael25 Mon 04-Jul-11 07:26:24

And so if you are still indecisive about having rhinoplasty, here is the checklist that you need to consider.

1. Know what you exactly want - if you want to go through cosmetic surgery, make sure that you know what you are talking about.

2. Make sure the doctor / surgeons are licensed - this is the most important decision you need to make after deciding to have a cosmetic surgery, finding the best doctor.

3. Ask before and after pictures of clients – this is will likely help you in deciding if you will be satisfied with the results or no.

4. Know the procedures - do your homework. Know what are the procedures that you need to go through. This will also help in managing your expectations in terms of the process.

5. Research on the risks involved – risk are always at the back of anyone’s mind who is considering cosmetic or plastic surgery.

6.How much would it cost – Finding the best price for cosmetic procedure may be the least of your worries if you are really decided to achieve the beauty that you long for.


Emo76 Mon 04-Jul-11 08:47:03

Are any of you who have had rhinoplasty very squeamish - I am intererested in getting my nose reduced but feel queasy at the thought of it (I can barely listen to anyone describe giving birth and have done so twice) . Just wondered if anyone had felt that way and overcome it?

Sarah7799 Mon 13-Feb-17 13:12:32

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

HeyYouYesYou Mon 13-Feb-17 13:15:41


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